we're all going to freeze and get a really bad sunburn. the ozone over the arctic is thinning and temps are reaching 112 degrees below 0. ouch.

oh me.

uh-huh. i'm feeling unusually feisty this afternoon. where's my after lunch slump? i'm usually dosing off by now. must be that "peach, plum, pear" song dancing around my head all day.
i want to go to carnival! it's coming up this week. looks so fun. all those costumes and the colors and the music and the atmosphere. now those brazilians really know how to live. we should have carnival on long island. it could work. carnival down the LIE.


peach, plum, pear...da, da-da-da, da, da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da...
songs get stuck in my head on mundane monday mornings. my jade plant looks like it had a cold weekend, i feel bad that i was so warm. about 14 oz's left out of 20. more on the way. i'm dehydrated and jittery. thinking of potato caricatures.


my chapstick drenched lips are still moist...it's early and i'm longing.


the calm

shhh...T-45 mins. what's a girl to do? friday night, could be fun...could be. we'll see.

everyone get giddy

secret phone calls, friday afternoon, chapstick, grapes...giddy.


the agony of hiccups. i've tried it all, holding my breath, eating some sugar, drinking lots of water, holding my nose-plugging up my ears-bending over and drinking water upside down...no results. i fear i'll be hiccuping for the rest of my friday.


I took part in an interesting ramble about broccoli last night. One was in the process of cooking up some when one decided to go on a rant about Diner/Restaurant rubber broccoli. I couldn't have agreed more with one's passion for the trials and tribulations of ordering, receiving, and the disappointment that follows when this rubbery flimsy green finally hits the mouth and must be chewed with the knowledge that this broccoli was, most likely, microwaved to death, and now it's you that must suffer it's impermeable texture.
Last nights broccoli was perfect. Crisp, tasteful, excellent...cold (unintentionally).

What a day.

i feel tingley. happy. exhilarated.
most of all, tired.
I couldn't sleep, my minds been stirring, fixed on one thing.
Large black coffee, lifesupport.