Just things.

1. I got my raverly invite, and I can't quite make myself log off of it. Just when I was feeling proud that I broke away from the myspace world, here comes Raverly, making me a web 2.0 addict once again. I'm thinking this is going to be bad for my studies...Which brings me to...

2. Holy COW! I start school on TUESDAY! WOAH! I'm so nervous and excited! Want to know what my crazy schedule is going to be like for the next few months? Here's a look at my typical week...

I don't know. That came out really crappy, but I just got the option to leave work early, so I'm not gonna fuss over it. I'm just saying...I'm gonna be super busy for the next 4 months.

Jeez Louise.

Have an awesome HOLIDAY WEEKEND!


Hi there.

So. Hi. 3 months, huh?

So much has gone on since my last post that it requires I break it down in list form...

1. I applied and was accepted to grad school! I'm going to Hofstra University for a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy! School starts in a week and I'm sooooo nervous! Going back after 4 years is insane! I am missing 3 Psychology pre-requisites, so I'm also going to Suffolk for those classes.

2. I moved. Brodie and I are staying with his mother. We have the upstairs of the house. No rent, which is allowing me to save to pay for tuition, and she has a dog, so Dylan gets to play all day.

3. I got a second job teaching knitting classes at a yarn shop in Northport. I'm absolutely loving it! She stocks the most gorgeous yarns, and I'm really like a kid in a candy store when I'm there. All of the money I make at this job goes directly to my tuition savings. At $790.00 a credit, Graduate school will be quite expensive and I'm trying to take out as few loans as possible.

4. Brodie's mother doesn't have wireless internet, and we have yet to purchase a router, so I haven't had a chance to upload and photos to flickr in the past couple of months. I have taken a bunch though, so maybe I'll find somewhere with wireless sometime this week and get those up.

5. Brodie and I just got back from a long weekend upstate. We started off going to the Bronx Zoo on Friday, then we drove up to my parents shack up in Boiceville. We ate at a FAB restaurant in Phonecia, then attempted to play this silly Harry Potter trivia game (I wasn't very good) and drank some delicious box wine (really, the best box wine I've ever had!). Saturday we woke up and walked around Woodstock in the terrible heat and humidity before we went on a hike up to Kaaterskill Falls. The hike was marvelous, and the pay off was the swimming hole at the top on the second tier of the falls. It was so perfect! Saturday evening we ate at Taco Juan's in Woodstock, then made our way back to the shack. Did I mention that we didn't have any plumbing? Boy were we filthy....And exhausted. We drank more wine and I passed out early. Sunday morning we at a gigantic breakfast, then stopped in the local gift shops and antique stores on our way out of town. Unfortunately, we got stuck in major traffic on the thru-way and it took us over 4 hours to get home! When we did we were soooo happy to see our Dylan! We were also pretty pleased to have running water again! All in all a FANTASTIC weekend!

6. We've done some other really fun things this summer like: a night at Ocean Beach; a day at the Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead; the Philharmonic at Heckstcher; a day at the beach; a couple of movies (Knocked-up, Harry Potter); a Lucinda Williams concert at the brookhaven amphitheater; and lots of fun family time.

7. I just got my invite to Raverly, and I'm pretty stoked. I, unfortunately, don't have as many pics of finished projects as I should (I always forget to take the pics!!), but I'm going to work on snapping shots of things I can find.

8. Hopefully this week I'll have pics up from the summer!