Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:
Why do I fall in love with every [man] I see who shows me the least bit of attention?



Well, I didn't start my knitting blog. But! I did get a lot of work done on the baby blanket I'm knitting for my cousin (who is due on Friday!). Tonight. Tonight is when it all happens. Yep.

Oh, I also got to hang out with 2 adorable Bassett Hounds last night. I'll post a pick later.



I think I'm finally going to start my knitting blog tonight. I'm having way too much fun reading everyone else's. Love to see everyone's progress! Fun fun! You non-knitters have no clue what you're missing!!

Must see.

If you haven't seen the film The Notebook yet, you have no idea what you're missing. I must admit, I was hesitant at first. I remember when it came out in the theatre, me and my, then, fiance were all about going to see it. Time got away from us and before we knew it, it was on DVD. I think we even rented it once, but we barely saw each other, so we never had time to watch it. Now, months later, my parents decided to rent it from Blockbuster. I was feeling under the weather (again), and decided to watch it Sunday night (when I should have been knitting because my cousin is due on Friday and the blanket is still not finished! ugh). Matt came over and witnessed me weeping like a baby throughout the entire movie. I tried really hard to choke back the tears, but I was just overwhelmed. So moving. So romantic. I'm a sucker for romance. I highly recommend it. I just might watch it again before it goes back. So good!!



This seems fitting (not to mention, hilarious), seeing as I'm currently half-way through re-reading 1984.

The good, the bad, the weekend.

There were definite high and lows of this weekend. The highest high was receiving a great gift from a great guy. The lowest low was getting strep throat back. Yep. That's right. I'm sick, yet again. Sick all summer=no fun. I'll go further into detail later, for now it's work work work.


More on the Evolution front.

Check out what Deepak Chopra has to say about Intelligent Design and Evolution here.

Then, after reading and wishing the guy wasn't such a moron, go read what Pharyngula has to say about Chopra's "Moonbat" ideas and lack of knowledge.

via: kottke.

He said.

"you'll go by land
i will go by sea
you can put down roots
i'll drift aimlessly"



This morning, while commuting my way through my routine work route, I had a strong desire to stay on the road and drive until I found someplace new. If I didn't have such a ridiculous sense of responsibility, I would have went with my instinct and continued westward. I need an escape. A getaway. A release from here. Road trip anyone?


Last Night.

Why do my social gatherings keep falling on the same nights? Last night I had Dan Terr's BBQ in his backyard, then Camilli's Birthday celebration at the Pub. I stopped home in between the two where I was lucky to find that good ol' Johnny K was in the midst of iming me some type of political craziness (which he know's I love). So here is the lucky part...he was on his way to the Pub, and after begging for him to pick me up (not really) him and Matt arrived at my door within minutes. How's that for service? Then, to make my night even better (I haven't seen those guys in forever), Matt gives me a set of darts. That's right, I am now the proud owner of a set of darts!!! They're all fancy in a case and stuff. Sweet. Let me tell you, last night was radical. I wish I hadn't had so much to drink. I have a tremendous hangover. Ouch.

So much was going on in my head last night. Enough for a super long journal entry. Not here silly...in my real journal...the one that non of you will ever see. ha.

I shall...

Learn from my mistakes.



It happens this way.

Physically I am feeling much much better...

But mentally, now that's where I have the owie. What's a girl to do? I've got myself into a mess, and I don't know how to get myself out. Hm.



Today, on my lunch break at the park, I overheard this conversation:

#1 extremely flamboyant male: "They ripped the air conditioner right out of the window!"
#2 extremely flamboyant male: "What? Right out of the window?"
#1 extremely flamboyant male: "Yes, I was sweating like a race horse."
#2 extremely flamboyant male: "Huh...Sweating like a race horse?"

Hahaha. Oh man.


Homo Erectus skull found in Georgia (Southwest of Russia).



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Best Friends Forever. haha.


Things are apparently getting a wee bit better...even though my throat is now acting up again. For the past hour or so all I've wanted is a big sundae with lots of chocolate and whipped cream involved. Let's go through my symptoms again:
  • Sharp pain in my stomach/abdomen. (Imagine someone stabbing you repeatedly in the same spots for 2 days straight...I mean, I've never actually been stabbed, but I'm willing to believe that this is how it feels.)
  • Dizziness. (I've never passed out in my life, but, man, was I scared to death Friday night when, suddenly, I had a warm rush to my head and a loud ringing in my ears while standing in Matt's bathroom...I thought I was going down.)
  • Headache.
  • I feel a little warm...fever?
  • and now, since my doctor (or, my doctor's assistant, the guy is obviously a celebrity who cannot talk to his patients one on one) told me to stop my medication (the medication that specifically states in bold letters on the outside of the canister "FINISH ALL OF THIS MEDICATION OR THE INFECTION WILL COME BACK (at least something along those really intimidating lines)", I feel like my throat is starting to hurt again. It might be psychological, but, err, if I get strep throat back I'm suing for mal-practice. (Does anybody know if I can actually do this? My Dr. is a prick. He deserves it.)
  • Is craving chocolate a symptom? I think it might be related to something else...

I'm sooo ready to get well. So ready.


Very Emergency.

I think I might have to make a visit to the ER today. I seem to be getting worse, and worse, and worse...
I have a pretty good tolerance for pain, and I'm at my wits end. Something is up. Something has definitely gone wrong. I'll keep you updated.

So cute.

Baby Hedgehogs.

Found at Hamor Hollow Hedgehogs


Heads Up.

My birthday is in a little over a month.

Here is my wishlist Mom!



I hate when people spell it that way (holler! Chris).

Tonight I have my Stitch N Bitch circle, and I'm soooo freakin' excited about it. Afterwards I'm going to the Half Penny to chill with DAN TERR (who I haven't seen in years! literally!) and RICK (who I need to see way more often considering he does not live 3000 miles away). Tell me that this isn't going to be the greatest night EVER...because I'd really love to prove you wrong.

Charts and graphs.

Artists and their students.

The exciting game of career girls.

No, this is not a joke, this was a real game.



Yesterday, I received a postcard from Brazil. It was post dated August 2nd. 2 week travel time. I wonder if I'll receive more...


Amazing rug.

Aerial view of the Sacramento River on a rug in a pedestrian bridge at the Sacramento International Airport Terminal.


Tanaka Seisakusyo's new Automatic Door.

Check it. Watch this video!

Via: wmmna


I am so sick. How does this happen? I have the worst immune system known to man. It started last week with a sore throat. Friday, that sore throat turned into a high fever accompanied by chills, sweats, and achiness. Saturday I felt a little better, no fever, no soreness in the throat. Sunday, BAM, my throat closed up. It's very yucky. Lots of white spots, I know, gross. I can't swallow anything. Thank heavens Matt is the greatest and he got me some soup last night. I was starving. This morning I woke up...can't even swallow my own spit. That's how completely closed my throat is. Owie. I had tea for breakfast. I'm so hungry!!! I can barely talk. This is ridiculous. I have a Dr. appt. at 4:40. I'm psyched. Really. I've never been so excited to see the Dr. in my life. Ugh!!



My parents just got up and left. They packed their bags and hit the road, destination unknown. Length of journey, unknown. Good for them. I wish I had the luxury. I wonder where they'll end up. I've got a good feeling they'll drop in on my brother. Poor kid...won't even see it coming. This should be fun, that is, if I remember to water the plants...


In my head.

Witness. streetlights spark to life as we pass by, caught in panes of warehouse windows and reflected in your eyes. lying on your lawn on our sides. we'll stay outside. all our friends are all alright and all around. the grass and dust and summer dusk is just settling down. there's nowhere that we would rather be. as day wanes, our shadows stretch below. it's perfect where we are, as the sun hangs red and low. when night falls, there's an electricity in the air on your bare arms that sings of what could be. the city glimmers underneath the fading light. what joy to be a witness, to be alive and with this night. we breathe in the ghosts of loves, waiting above to be once again dreamt of.

Watch this (there's kickball involved).


Weekend Pics.

You can see the whole set here.

I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me.

I've been partying like a rock star (minus the hard drugs).

Let me break it down.

Friday Night. A tornado ripped through my neighborhood (no joke). Dinner party thrown by Erin and Melissa. Arrive around 8:45 pm. 4 shots of tequila chased by white zinfandel (gross). Stuffed mushrooms, Tuna steak, guacamole, candles, wine, risotto, cheese, yum. Here's where it gets blurry. Everyone went in the pool. I didn't. They tried to get me in. Didn't. I was soaked. Drunk. Sloppy. I layed on a hammock for a while. Passed out. Was asleep, next to Scotty (safe) by 1am the latest. Woke up at 7:30am. Went home.

Saturday. Got home at 8:30am. Did laundry. Drank water. Layed in the sun. Took a nap. Showered. Remained in a daze for the majority of the day. 1pm left for Brooklyn. 2:30pm arrive in Brooklyn. Park directly in front of Chris's building. We chat, listen to music, drink water. Decide to go see a movie. Journey to find some food first. End up at the same place we ate last time. Love that place. Had a yummy Avocado, Tomato and Cheddar sandwich. Back out on the street, I decide we should take a nap. We go back to his apt. Try to nap. So hot. Try to nap some more. Finally decide to get up around 6:45pm. Take the F to SoHo. Get to the Angelika. Broken Flowers, sold out. Go eat some more. Rice. Yum. Cab back to Brooklyn. Park Slope, Wills apt. Meet up. Go back out. Grab some 40's. Walk to Brooklyn Museum, First Saturday's. Try to dance to Reggae band, but the guy keeps shutting the music and talking. err. Watch funny kids try to pick up girls. Sit. Walk. Walk. Walk. Back to Park Slope. House Party. Beer and Jungle Juice. Back yard. Natural Ice. Foosball. Bloc Party. Ferris Bueler. Cheese Balls. Some weirdo telling me that he saw someone commit suicide by jumping in front of a train. Crazy public art. Homage to American Pop Culture. Talk about music. Smoke cigarettes. I'm drunk again. Cab it back to Chris's apt. Listen to Mates of State, Mungo Jerry, and The Postal Service...

Sunday. Wake up early. Too much sunlight in my eyes. Get bagels. Eat at park. Leave Brooklyn around noon. Get home in an hour. Lay in sun. Shower. Go over Matt's. He surprised me with gorgeous sunflowers and delicious wine. Eat pizza, watch Lost in Translation, drink wine. It's still daylight. Still daylight. Surprise. Still daylight. Talk about Evolution while watching a special on the History channel. Home. Bed. I'm exhausted.

Who's having more fun than me?

(I'll post my pics later)


Check out these pics from the dinner party I attended Friday night.

I was obviously wasted, but there are some amazing shots of my gorgeous friends.



I'm either singing, crying, or making a drunken toast here. I don't recall much of this night.

No time.

Busy Monday...

So much to say about this weekend...it'll have to wait.

To sum it up, I'll say it was Superifficly Radical.



List of the Day. (Update)

.Top 10 Things I MUST DO Before This Year Ends.
1- Go camping for at least 3 consecutive days.
2- Start and complete 10 knitting projects. (1 finished, 1 in progress)
3- Visit my brother.
4- Drive to Montauk, at night.
5- Learn to play a new song on the guitar.
6- Save $5,000.00. (savings balance = $3,000.00 $4,000.00)
7- Ride a mechanical bull.
8- Drink 100 pints of Guinness. (16 27 down, 73 to go, ha!)
9- Hang out with every one of my myspace friends at least once.
10- Buy an 8 megapixel (or better) digital camera.
A conservative is one who admires radicals centuries after they're dead.
-Leo Rosten, author (1908-1997)


It's official.

I'm pretty sure that I get more eye boogers than most people. What is this about? Yuck.

Literature and poker.

Mix Malcolm Gladwell's Blink and a serious game of poker and what do you get? Some insight into how to win. The book, in and of itself, is a fantastic read...but can it really help your poker game? I might have to re-read that chapter.

About: radio.

I wish Garrison Keillor was my father, or grandfather, or just some guy that I saw often enough so that he could tell me stories constantly. Here, he goes on about the future of radio.

Truth be told.

Passion is the quickest to develop, and the quickest to fade. Intimacy develops more slowly, and commitment more gradually still.
~Robert Sternberg


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My hair is now THAT long!! Give me some scissors. Please.

Time of my life.

Last night was delicious. Here is yet another list of reasons why it was so yummy:

~ 2 hour pre-game nap after work.
~ really ripe cantaloupe.
~ being sneaky with Matt and bringing a birthday cake to the Pub for Rob.
~ being sneaky in general.
~ chilling with Laurie at the Pub, that girl rules!
~ almost winning at darts.
~ then, kicking Camilli's ass in darts. (total fluke, I know, that kid is a total dart champ)
~ learning that Camilli plays backgammon. Finally, I have an opponent.
~ chocolate birthday cake. (I'm convinced that this is why I won at darts)
~ running into old friends that were also being sneaky. (love it)
~ checking out Matt's mural...It's coming along!
~ reading until 3am.
~ waking up on time for work.

I am having so much fun. I love my life.



I will be at the Half Penny Pub celebrating Rob's 24th Birthday. Come and have fun with me!!
You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity. -RalphWaldo Emerson, writer and philosopher (1803-1882)


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new kickball photos up on my flickr.


I love lists.

I'm in bold.

I am bisexual or homosexual.

I've consumed alcohol.
I've run away from home. (tried)
I listen to political music.
I collect comic books.
I shut others out when I'm sad.
I open up to others easily.
I am keeping a secret from the world
I watch the news.
I own over 5 rap CDs
I own an ipod or mp3 player
I own something from Hot Topic
I love Disney movies.
I am a sucker for hair/eyes
I don't kill bugs. (unless thy're eating me)
I curse regularly.
I paid for that cell phone ringtone.
I have "x"s in my screen name.
I've slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation.
I love Spam
I bake well
I would wear pajamas to school
I own something from Abercrombie.
I have a job
I love Martha Stewart.
I am in love with love.
I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS...
sometimes I am self conscious.
I like to laugh.
I smoke a pack a day.
I loved Go Ask Alice.
I have cough drops when I'm not sick.
I can't swallow pills.
I eat fast food weekly.
I have many scars
I've been out of this country
I believe in ghosts.
I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room
I am really ticklish.
I see a therapist.
I love chocolate
I bite my nails.
I am comfortable with being me.
I play computer games i'm bored.
Gotten lost in your city.
Saw a shooting star
I had a serious Surgery...
Gone out in public in your pajamas...
I have Kissed a Stranger
Hugged a stranger
Been in a fist fight
Been arrested
Laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose.
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator
Made out in an elevator
Swore at your parents. (accidentally)
Kicked a guy where it hurts?
Been skydiving
Broken a bone
Played spin the bottle.
Gotten stitches
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
Bitten someone
Been to Niagara Falls
Gotten the chicken pox
Crashed into a friend's car.
Been to Japan
Ridden in a taxi
Been fired
Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
Stole something from your job...(pens, paperclips, etc)
Gone on a blind date
Lied to a friend
Had a crush on a teacher.
Celebrated mardi gras in New Orleans
Been to Europe
Slept with a co-worker.
Been married
Gotten divorced
Saw someone dying.
Driven over 400 miles in one day
Been to Canada
Been on a plane
Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
Thrown up in a bar
Eaten Sushi.
Been snowboarding
Been Skiing
Been ice skating
Met someone in person from the internet
Been to a moto cross show
Gone to college/JC counts
Done hard drugs
Taken painkillers
Had someone cheat on you
Were so bored you took this survey


Leave it to me to sprain my fingers playing kickball. My pinkie and ring finger on my left hand are completely out of commission. I never realized how much I use those two fingers when I type until I actually tried to get some work done this morning. Painful and frustrating. I don't know if my camera phone captured just how black and blue I am, but, man-o-man, this is the worst owie I've had in a while.


I've been partying like a rock star.

My weekend was mint. Yes, I just used the word "mint" to describe my weekend. That's one step above "rad" if you really wanted to know. It went a little something like this:

Friday Night Highlights:

This is what the bar looks like when you drink so much.

- Gals night out with my Mom.
- Drinking lots of wine with my Mom.
- My Mom on the drive home after drinking aforementioned wine.
- Arriving early at the half penny with Rob, Matt, and Mike.
- Taking fun pics, and playing darts very poorly.
- One shot of Jager, 3 Guinness's and 2 Irish Car Bombs.
- Hearing all of the songs I played on the Juke Box.
- Good times, in good company. Can't get better than that.

Friday Night Lows:

- Learning that Erik wouldn't make it out.
- Spending way too much money (even though I only recall buying one drink)
- Getting a parking ticket for $75 bucks while parked behind the Pub.
- Dehydration

Saturday Highlights:

- After getting only 4 hours of sleep the night before, I was drunk through most of Saturday and don't really recall any of it. I just remember I was in pain for the majority of the day.
- Breakfast was great.
- Oh, and chilling with Matt and watching him get crazy with a paint gun was radical.

Saturday Lows:

- Like I said. Pretty much all of Saturday was low.

Sunday Highlights:

- After, again, going to sleep around 5 am, my body was in pissed off mode for the better part of Sunday.
- Sushi with Scotty, Elizabeth, and Brendan, was super duper fun. Love those guys.
- Poker with Scotty and Tom was fun, even though it was brief, and I lost very quickly.

Sunday Lows:

-My mom got into a car accident and I spent a few hours with her in the emergency room (she's ok!)
- I hate laundry. That's why I had to do 3 loads yesterday. Err.
- Dehydration.

Although it may appear that my weekend wasn't so great, it actually was. Hm. Perhaps there's something I'm not telling you. Perhaps...


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Pics from Friday night at the Half Penny. Guinness and Irish Car Bombs. Good times.