I want.

I want to go to Antarctica, or on a cruise, anywhere, I want to go sky diving near Machu Pichu, and go swimming off the coast of the Galapagos Islands. I want to hanglide off of a mountain in the Cascade range, and hug a Redwood, again. I want to go to Wyoming and see Megan, go horseback riding. I want to get in the car, tonight, and drive north, and see where I end up. When I get tired, I'll pull over, hop into my passenger seat, and take a power nap. It's comfortable. I want to meet friendly strangers and hear them tell me a tale about their lives. I want to sleep under the stars with the sounds of coyotes cackling in the distance. I want to be forced to store my PB & J in a bear locker. I want to dance in the middle of a rolling wheat field under a full moons light. I want to sit off of a cliff in Maine and watch for whales. I want to swim with sharks and hug a giraffe. I want to shout from my rooftop, as the church bells strike midnight. I want...

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