Tri-Colored Goodness.

Best cookies ever.
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New Photo's from Kito's Memorial Day BBQ.


This shawl carries the whispers of your loved ones.

Weekend roundup.

I had an amazing weekend. It involved days filled with sunshine and nights filled with alcohol. I'll break it down like this:

Friday: Girls night out. Kiesha, Olesya, and I hit the town. Port Jefferson. Drink. Seven and Sevens. White russians. See old faces. Talk about men. Despise the scent of dried nectarines.

Saturday (Day): Wedding dress shopping with my sister and mother. Soaked up some sun. Went dress shopping again. Went to the Apple store. Met Brian, friend of Matt and John. Went out for Mexican food with Kiesha. Bean Burrito. Gut Bomb. Took a nap.

Saturday (Night): Movies with John. Layer Cake. Nice guy outside of theater gives me a free ticket. Good film. Half-Penny. Car talk.

Sunday (Day): City with Kiesha. The Met. Max Ernst and Diane Arbus. Urban Outfitters. Sunglasses and Tee Shirts. St. Marks. Dojo. ATC sandwich and Fried Tofu. Starbucks. Iced Chai. Tattoo talk. H & M. Colorful shirts. Stay away from black. Walking for hours. Penn. Search for Poland Spring. Commuter lounge. 8:48 train. Change at Jamaica.

Sunday (Night): Half Penny with John, his sister and Rich. Heiniken, Amstel, Harp, and popcorn. No walk for Miko. No search for Miko.

Monday (Day & Night): BBQ at Kito's. Cheese and Chick Patties. Corona. Soccer. Frisbee. Catch. Tri-colored cookies. Uno. Chess. Bug spray. 4 AA batteries. Good times with old friends.


Out to lunch.

Here a few noteworthy things about my lunch break:

  1. I saw a frog jumping across an asphalt paved parking lot.
  2. I got a bug stuck in my eyelashes. It wanted out as much as I wanted it out.
  3. I noticed I forgot to put deodorant on this morning.
  4. I listened to a Ramones rock-block on K-Roc. (I wanna be sedated and Rockaway beach)

Sidewalk Art.

The Town of Babylon Fire Department has this (now) bronze sculpture of Robert Moses proundly posing on it's front lawn. I love it. I want to take it home with me.

What a stud.

For your viewing pleasure.

Because I take a lot of pleasure in viewing it. Juxtaposed.

Tips for Handwriting

If you're like me, you have 75 different handwriting styles. I think all of mine are sloppy. Here are some tips for improvement.

Aviator Suzy

Aviator Suzy
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Helmet head.

Road trip?

Who's coming to Avon, Ohio with me for their Duct Tape Festival?

Street Art

Japan takes pride in the intricate design of their manhole covers. They're stunning.


Loneliness... is and always has been the central and inevitable experience of every man. ~Thomas Wolfe, novelist (1900-1938)


Why you don't get it.

Researchers have pinpointed the brains "Sarcasm Sensor." Let me know if you have damage in your ventromedial area, it could save us from all sorts of miscommunication.

How to Perform Strong Man Stunts

This book includes everything you need to know before entering a strong man competition. With tutorials on how to tear a telephone book in halves and how to lift and swing a man with your teeth, you'll be well on your way to lifting Volkswagen bugs and holding up concrete pillars without straining a muscle. The illustrations are reason enough to peruse.



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Red eyes never looked so good.


Kiesh, we're going to Europe.

Top 100

Voices in the Movies

3. Christopher Walken - Cinema's most unique voice, Walken reportedly taught himself his halting manner of speech by deleting all the punctuation out of his scripts when learning his lines. You can. Understand. What that could do to your. Speech. Right? Anyway, we could use a little more cowbell.

I swear.

They said it was supposed to be nice out this weekend. WTF!


Read an interview with the creators of Oregon Trail. Warning: you may have vivid flashbacks of Junior High.


Help Me!!

I'm taking a poll. What should I do with my hair? I'm terribly bored of it. Please help.

  1. Keep it long and bleach it blonde?
  2. Cut it short and leave it natural?
  3. Cut it short and bleach it blonde?
  4. Keep it the way it is?
You can reference my Flickr if you need visuals.

I'm not a scenester.

You're a normal, well-adjusted, totally-cool kid.
You are automatically smarter than anyone else
who took this quiz... unless they also got this

What kind of SCENE kid are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


m m yummy

So I decided to go the Italian Ice route. I coerced Rick into believing that Italian Ices were God's greatest invention, and he totally took the bait; hook, line and sinker. He was a little bit more daring with his selection though. He went with some Snickers madness, and I went with good ole Vanilla Chip. I love Vanilla Chip. I know there's like 75 different choices, but I'm always, always, going to go for the V-Chip. Love it. Every afternoon should consist of these three things:

  1. Bike Ride
  2. Playing with other peoples cats and dogs
  3. Italian Ices



I desperately want a vanilla chip Italian ice. Desperately. But I also want to crawl into bed, DESPERATELY. Perhaps after a nap I'll feel more inclined to take a trip to the Italian ice store. This day is going dreadfully slow, still an hour and a half to go. Torture, I tell you, pure torture.

Eye boogers.

My eyes feel like they're bleeding. I cannot stop rubbing/itching/attempting to claw them out of my face in hopes of some type of temporary relief. My sinuses are so swollen that I can actually see my cheeks if I look down. My co-worker told me I look "puffy." I must admit, I look like I was attacked by a swarm of bees, but nobody wants to hear they look "puffy." Gross. Help me. After work I have a date with some allergy medication and a mask. If you need me, you can find me in bed, sulking, hating spring.

Taking the plunge.

I just signed up for an Apple credit account. They gave me a $5,000.00 limit, so I'm off to buy myself a 15" Powerbook this weekend.

I've been considering getting a 17", but I think they're a little too big to tote around all the time. Decisions, decisions. Nevertheless, I'm psyched.

December 9th

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. (view the extra large trailer)


It's Monday afternoon.

Time to start planning for the weekend.

On Saturday, I'd like to go here. Then, perhaps, here. While there, I might as well stop by here, here, and here.

Who's coming?

Design hijacking

I'm stealing this idea, and building one of these Tetris shelving units (because I cannot afford to buy it). Seeing as I spend too much of my time thumbing away on my old school pocket Gameboy trying to defeat my all time highest of 7 Tetris's in one game of version "B" Level 1 High 1 already, I suppose it's only right to submerge myself deeper in it's realm of geometric connectivity. That, and I'm in dire need of more shelf space.



World Jump Day.

We used to try this with the elevators in the Staller Center (if you're wondering why they're always breaking down). Those were the days.

This is genius.

I know all too well how annoying a computer fan can be. I always feel like a jet is about to take off in my bedroom.

This guy has a solution. Submerge everything but the hard disk in oil. Yep, that's right, OIL.


Let's watch this:

The rich shall be poor.

A paradox of time.

Under where?

Yesterday I put my underwear on backwards. The funny part; it was a thong. How this went unnoticed until my 11am-ish pee break, is beyond me. Needless to say, it had me hysterically laughing in the bathroom for a good minute or so. I wonder what my co-worker, who's desk is conveniently located directly next to my bathrooms paper thin wall, was thinking. Perhaps he was thinking, 'hmm...Suzanne's lost it again.' I crack myself up.


Halloween 2002

Halloween 2002
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Check out these old pics that Kiesha just sent me. I've added them all to my flickr for your viewing pleasure (and laughter).


I want every one of these men... I mean, shirts. I want every one of these, er, T-shirts, yeah..

Get published.

I can't quite remember who suggested this site to me, but I remember I was walking through downtown Port Jefferson. Regardless, I finally decided to check it out. Lulu.com is a self-publishing site that allows you to publish books, calendars, audio, and images for free. Yep, that's right, Lulu gives you free access to tools for publishing and distributing your material. They give the writers and artists control of everything from pricing and royalties to the actual layout of the printed product. Readers have the option of purchasing these pieces in either e-book or traditional print form, this way the publications are printed on demand, rather than in bulk, therefore reducing the cost because there is no surplus to compensate for.
Go to the site, check out the tutorial cleverly linked under the term "How Easy?" Damn, it looks easy. If only I were a writer.

The Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe

Today is the official opening of the Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. The memorial was designed by US Architect Peter Eisenman.

Ping-Pong sonata

NYU music students make a ping pong sample playback controller.

via: wmmna

Mad Physics

I've been on a Physics kick lately, so what could be better than having it explained to me by a couple of high schoolers? Great site.

Things that don't exist.

The list.

Garrison Keillor: On the radio

Keillor, of A Prairie Home Companion fame, speaks his mind about right-wing radio.

They are evil, lying, cynical bastards who are out to destroy the country I love and turn it into a banana republic, but hey, nobody's perfect.

via: The Huffington Post

Creation of a black hole.

"The merger occurred 2.2 billion light-years away, so it actually took place 2.2 billion years ago, and the light just reached Earth on Monday morning."

More evidence.

It isn't learned.


Can someone buy this for me?

SNB Cafepress

I wear a size medium. Thanks.



Who's willing to watch this with me? I promise you it shall be nothing short of fascinating. It's about a blind blues singer who goes to Tuva to learn the art of Tuvan throatsinging. If you aren't schooled in Tuvan throatsinging, you can research it here. It's unbelievable.


This is my new favorite site. I don't think I'm nosy, I just love to people watch.




I didn't get called for Jury Duty!! I win!


Do you know what is celebrated on Cinco de Mayo? Time to tap your inner Mexican and drink some tequila!

Bendable Concrete

Researchers at the University of Michigan have made a new type of fiber enforced bendable concrete. It is 500 times more resistant to cracking and 40 percent lighter in weight.

Google Accelerator

Google gets a particle (search) accelerator. Why? I have not a clue. I'm happy with its speed. I guess they just like testing things in beta.

Graffiti interface

It's almost like a scavenger hunt, and I love those.

Loews becomes more timely

When advertising movie times, Loews theaters has devised a new plan to better appease their customers. In an attempt to spare us from the 10-20 minutes of tedious commercials, ads and previews, Loews has decided to include the actual start time of the feature presentation.


Scrumptious iPod shuffles.

Take a tour through this slide show. Warning: it may make you hungry.

NTSA sells your stuff.

Here are all of the things that the airport confiscated from you; for sale, on ebay. I'm really enjoying some of the photos. All I have to say is thank heavens they still let me carry on my knitting needles (yes, they could be dangerous).

Link via Boing Boing.

I'd like to introduce you to my Husband...

Stephen Colbert from the Daily Show is to have his own show. (login req. or try this one)

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Last night, John and I went to the "Tuesday $4.00 Special" showing of the Hitchhikers Guide at the Islip Theatre. We had both heard many different reviews of the film, but were pretty sure of one thing...it was to be very, very strange. It was. My favorite parts were the opening scenes with the dolphins, and a part where the characters turn into knitted dolls. The rest of the movie is a blur. I found it hard to pay attention to, jumpy, scattered, and over the top at times. I loved the characters, but I hated the little "love" story between them (and I'm a Romantic).

More on Hitchhikers Guide after coffee...

Joanna Newsom

Thanks Chris, for this interview with Joanna Newsom, via the Wire. If you don't love her yet, you surely will soon. (She plays the harp and sings like a lunatic!)


Artist of the Day

Today's Artist is: Mark Ryden

His works are simultaneous contrasts of adorable and creepy.


Bike riding was never so stylish.


If you didn't like the previous post, perhaps this is more your style.

Human Evolution

This article is a little too sci-fi for me. I'd like to stick to the theory that genes are constantly mutating, which, in turn (after many, many years) will produce a new species of human--not incredibly far off from our current model.


You'll laugh.

Because I did.

Rachmaninoff and Reisling.

Since arriving home from work, I've been listening to Rachmaninoff and craving the 2004 Peacock Johannisberg Reisling I purchased from the Pindar store in Port Jeff yesterday. Needless to say, neither of these things have elevated my mood. I need a session. Or just some good RRR.

Current Events

Suzy is currently in "Crisis Mode." Please do not expect any witty postings until the crisis has been averted. Thank you for your understanding. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day light come and me wanna go home.

I just ate the largest banana ever. I should have taken a photo. It was ginormous! Yum.


Today I'm going shopping for a new Backgammon board. Who wants to play some backgammon with me? I have to warn you...I'm the best.


Sometimes I feel hollow.

oh shit.