Weekend roundup.

I had an amazing weekend. It involved days filled with sunshine and nights filled with alcohol. I'll break it down like this:

Friday: Girls night out. Kiesha, Olesya, and I hit the town. Port Jefferson. Drink. Seven and Sevens. White russians. See old faces. Talk about men. Despise the scent of dried nectarines.

Saturday (Day): Wedding dress shopping with my sister and mother. Soaked up some sun. Went dress shopping again. Went to the Apple store. Met Brian, friend of Matt and John. Went out for Mexican food with Kiesha. Bean Burrito. Gut Bomb. Took a nap.

Saturday (Night): Movies with John. Layer Cake. Nice guy outside of theater gives me a free ticket. Good film. Half-Penny. Car talk.

Sunday (Day): City with Kiesha. The Met. Max Ernst and Diane Arbus. Urban Outfitters. Sunglasses and Tee Shirts. St. Marks. Dojo. ATC sandwich and Fried Tofu. Starbucks. Iced Chai. Tattoo talk. H & M. Colorful shirts. Stay away from black. Walking for hours. Penn. Search for Poland Spring. Commuter lounge. 8:48 train. Change at Jamaica.

Sunday (Night): Half Penny with John, his sister and Rich. Heiniken, Amstel, Harp, and popcorn. No walk for Miko. No search for Miko.

Monday (Day & Night): BBQ at Kito's. Cheese and Chick Patties. Corona. Soccer. Frisbee. Catch. Tri-colored cookies. Uno. Chess. Bug spray. 4 AA batteries. Good times with old friends.