The weekend.

First off. Please look to the side bar, scroll down to the quote of the day, and read. I like.

My weekend stayed pretty true to form.

Friday Night:

Left work an hour early. Did laundry. Made a mixed cd. Showered. Rushed to get ready. Was out the door by 6:45. Picked up Jen. Picked up Anthony (who looked more hansom than I could ever describe in words). Found parking and Sean Keane. Watched a boat burn with someone special who also bought me cotton candy (my favorite). Went to the Okonee (sp?) diner where Anthony won Benny the Buzzard in the crane game. First try. Crazy. Coffee. Jelly football. Pizza bagels. Go to the pub. Play darts. Drink. Play darts. See people I haven't seen in a long time. Erik. Paul. Jenny. Meet the only Jordan daughter (who's gorgeous!). More darts. More shots. 3 pints of water. In a comfy bed by 3:30. Content.


Wake-up at 9 because my throat hurts too bad to sleep. Try to sleep. Play. Watch American Psycho. Eat delicious pancakes (made by a really cute guy). Watch the new whammy game. Cuddle. Watch Jeopardy. Laugh really hard at what a cute 5 year old says. Go to Jen's. Go meet Jen's mom and brother in Ronkompton. Get chaps. And chocolate chips. Go to the flea market. Purchase a radical belt buckle. Go to Target. Get home. Figure out my costume. Rush.

Saturday Night:

Scott comes over. We head out dressed like a Cowgirl and some pink haired weirdo. Pick up Camilli (nun, how funny), then Jen. Try to find a working ATM. Go to the AOH Halloween Party. Drink cheap beer. Play Uno drinking games. Eat yummy candy. See lots of friends. I'm freezing. Leave around 11. Drop Camilli home. Jen and I go to the pub for a game of darts. I win with a double cork (whoop!). Take pictures with our favorite bartenders. Leave at midnight. Go to 7-11 for beer and marshmallows. Back to Camilli's for a backyard bonfire. Listen to Camilli on guitar and Santana sing (so good). Roast marshmallows. Daylight savings. In bed by 3? Can't remember falling asleep.


Wake up early again. This time, scratchy throat. Be annoying and wake up someone else. Play. Drive to Deer Park for French Toast bagels. Pick up Jen. Go to Anthony's and eat aforementioned bagels. YUM. Go home. Clean up. Back to Anthony's for the Giants game. Giants shut out Washington 36-0. Good game. Watch San Diego game and Eagles game simultaneously. Eat green cactus. Veggie Burrito. yum. Knit some of my leg warmers. Enjoy good company. Make a wager on the Patriots game. I win. Lay by the fireplace. Cuddle. Listen to Inside. Cuddle. Nobody has it better than me.


Never be too sure of anything.



It's the weekend again. Here's the run down...

Boat Burning.
Maritime Museum.
Camilli. :)
Hot chocolate w/Peppermint Schnapps.
Half Penny Pub.

Wake-up, not in my own bed.
Perfect Halloween costume.

Saturday Night.
Halloween Party.
More booze.
Cowgirl antics.
Half Penny Pub.
More Fun.

Football. (Jet's have a bye week)


Hump Day.

I'm back to work after calling in sick yesterday. I am feeling about 85% better, so that's a plus. Yesterday I slept til 11, then layed in bed for the majority of the daylight hours. I was semi-productive seeing as I did all of my laundry and started knitting some leg warmers. Oh, I also started making some new mixed cd's for some good people. They're not perfect yet, but they should be ready by this weekend. I got invited to the AOH Halloween Party, but, unfortunately, I have yet to secure a costume idea. I was going to be a cowgirl, but Jen liked the idea and went with it, so I'll have to find something else. I haven't played darts in 3 days and I'm going through withdrawal. I don't have a problem. Really. I ate a Smoked Salmon sandwich at Milk and Sugar last night. I also treated myself to a side of sweet potato fries. Yummers. I ran into Lauri there, it's always nice to run into friends. Afterward I went to Camilli's to watch the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin special. He treated me to some tea and some yummy cake via Joleen. So good. We then took a ride to Blockbuster because I told him he had to see Garden State. It was a fun trip. We watched the movie and I was so comfy that I couldn't force myself to leave until after 1am. That boy doesn't let me get any sleep...it's wonderful.

Anywho. Back to the grind. I have to get my sister a birthday gift today. Lunch time mall run. Ugh. I can't stand the mall. Too bad I didn't get a head start and knit her something. I've been slacking, big time. I'll blame it on Jen and our dart obsession, amongst other things. Too bad I've been having the time of my life. Whoop! I'm not going to let a little strep throat and anti-biotics get me down. No way. Fun is how you make it, not where you make it. Onward...



Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Ice Prowler
Your Superpower is Telekinesis
Your Weakness is Quizzes
Your Weapon is Your Atomic Belt
Your Mode of Transportation is Unicorn

This weekend.

I had quite a weekend. Jen and I kept up tradition by drinking heavily and playing as much darts as we could. Here's the gist of it:

Friday night:
  • Cab it to the Half Penny, we arrive by 11pm
  • Hit the dart board vs. Elizabeth and Lauri.
  • Drink
  • Play Darts
  • Drink
  • Play Darts
  • Camilli and Al show up
  • Drink
  • Play Darts
  • Other people show up
  • Drink more
  • Play more darts
  • Leave around 3?
  • Sleep in a comfy bed, with a comfy person.
  • Wake up with comfy person.
  • Cartoons.
  • Rain
  • Fun.
  • Bagels.
  • College Football.
  • Home by 2.
  • Meet Jen and Lauri at 4.
  • Go thrift shopping for Halloween costumes.
  • Instead, pick up some boots, a vest, a button down shirt, and a little boys Jet's jersey.
  • At the pub by 6pm.
  • Drink a beer, play 3-way darts.
  • Pizza with Jen.
  • Home
  • Back out by 9pm.
  • Lauri's for Lebowski Fest.
  • Drink White Russians, watch The Big Lebowski, wait.
  • Leave around midnight, Jen's driving, we pass the pub and decide to go in for, ahem, ONE game of Darts.
  • We decide to stay with the crazy Saturday crowd.
  • Made new friends, drank Bud Light (?), played darts like champs.
  • Closed the bar, then got kicked out of the bar b/c we were still playing darts.
  • In Jen's bed and asleep by 4:30am.
  • Wake-up around 11:30am
  • Groggy phone calls
  • Bagels
  • Home by noon.
  • Back out to pick Jen up at 2:30.
  • Pick up Scotty.
  • Head up to the gallery for Scotty's show.
  • Eat cheese and grapes.
  • See some fantastic, and not so fantastic art.
  • Leave to go get sushi.
  • Instead stop at Soup's On.
  • Lentil Soup.
  • Drive Scotty home.
  • Kmart run to buy a dart board. No dice.
  • Drop Jen off.
  • Home again by 6.
  • Anthony tells me he's picking me up at 8, and to dress warm.
  • We head to Robert Moses, field 2?
  • Hot chocolate, telescopes, a butt warmer, and a really cute Astronomer, what gal's got it better than me?
  • Star gaze for a few hours. (so cold)
  • Home by 11:30.
  • Asleep by Midnight.
Fun times.
I'm glad I was healthy for the weekend. I just got back from the doctor. He asked me how long I've had a heart murmur. I told him it was the first I was hearing about it (just had a physical last month). Great. Honestly, I think it's just all the caffeine I ingested tody, but he was a bit worried, so I agreed to go get a heart sonogram test thingy. Jeez. I'm so sick of being sick. Oh, so my throat is infected again. Doctors stink.

You have got to be kidding me.

That's right, I'm sick AGAIN.


Karma police.

They have it all wrong. I've been so good.

So, I never made it into the city to visit my dad yesterday. Unfortunately, I was rear-ended on the Southern State by some guy who didn't even speak English. It was a hard hit, but surprisingly not too much damage on my bumper. That civic is built like a tank. The worst of the damage came from the large cup of coffee I was holding at the time of the crash. My interior is covered in it. I was covered in it. It was awful. The cop said that the repairs would probably not be worth my deductible, so thankfully the word "dinaro" came in handy and the guy gave me $200.00 cash. (At which point I felt bad, wondering if this guy was going to be able to make his rent next month, what the hell is wrong with me?) Oh, did I tell you he only had a learners permit? Yep.

The worst part was I felt like a disappointment. It was my duty to get my mother into the city to visit my father. I totally let them down. My poor dad didn't have any visitors yesterday. I feel just terrible about that. The good news is that he's coming home today. I'm so happy!

Despite my really sore neck and shoulders, I'm in good spirits. Could have been worse.

My night took a turn for the better when Anthony picked me up. I'll stop there before I start gushing.

This should make the day go faster.

List of things that don't exist.

shh. I know it's a repost, but it's fun.



In about an hour I'm leaving work early to go pick up my mom and drive into the city to visit my father. 4pm, driving into the city. Are we nuts? Yes we are. I need a very large coffee.

Tough Enchillada.

I know it's not quite my style to talk about boys on my blog, but boy-o-boy-o-boy I need an outlet (and Jen is too busy vomiting to listen to any more of it). Do you know what the greatest thing in the world is? Finding out that the guy you've had a crush on for months, actually likes you back. *smile* I know, I'm so 5th grade.

List (updated yet again)

.Top 10 Things I MUST DO Before This Year Ends.

1- Go camping for at least 3 consecutive days.
2- Start and complete 10 knitting projects. (4 finished, 2 in progress)
3- Visit my brother.
4- Drive to Montauk, at night.
5- Learn to play a new song on the guitar.
6- Save $5,000.00. (savings balance = $5,500.00)
7- Ride a mechanical bull.
8- Drink 100 pints of Guinness. (I might be half-way there)
9- Hang out with every one of my myspace friends at least once.
10- Buy an 8 megapixel (or better) digital camera.

If anyone can help me achieve any of these things, please let me know!


My dad.

After a brief scare yesterday, my father is doing well. When the doctor went in to replace some parts of the DBS he found a huge infection on the right side of my father's brain. He had to remove the whole apparatus and start him on anti-biotics. He had an infectious disease doctor come take a look at him, and the prognosis was good. They're keeping him in the hospital at least until Friday for observation and medicating. After a few months, when the infection is completely cleared up, he can have the DBS put back in. I did some research and it said that 3 to 4 percent of patients experience infection, and it's usually treatable. My poor father. Just when we think something is working well, and he's doing a million times better, they throw this at us. I went to visit him at Mt. Sinai last night. He was in good spirits, cracking jokes, being the strongest man alive, like usual. He was psyched that he could eat oreo cookies and was watching the World Poker Tour when I left. His roommate is really nice. He's personal friends with Billy Graham (hopefully he wasn't preaching to my father all night!), who also has Parkinsons, so he was very sympathetic and kind while all 5 of us invaded his room until they kicked us out. I wish he wasn't all the way in the city. I wish I didn't have to work. I wish I was a neurologist. I wish I didn't feel so helpless.


Just when I think...

...I'm actually going to get some work done today, I find this.

No tennis today.

Today my father is going in for his 6th brain surgery. It's to reposition the Deep Brain Stimuli leads that he had implanted earlier this year. My stomach is in knots, but he's a champ, so it'll all be fine. He doesn't even have to stay over night. Modern medicine. heh.


Good things come from sleep deprivation. Or, before sleep deprivation. I've been having way too much fun to sleep. Who say's 4 hours isn't enough?


Time of my life.

Originally uploaded by newdaystobrave.
Who's having more fun than me? This weekend was nothing short of incredible. So much to write about, but for now you can see what a great time I had by the smile on my face in the pics on my Flickr.


woo hoo!

Well, I'm not really a huge James Bond fan, but I will be seeing the next film now that this guy has been selected for the starring role. Have you seen Layer Cake? If not, go, see it, now. This guy is my new crush.

I adore you, Flickr.

Go here now. Friday eye-candy.

This much.

A couple of nights ago, I think I had physical contact with a ghost. I was home alone, standing in the bathroom blow drying my hair (but Suzanne, it's been raining for a week, why the hell would you waste your time blow drying your hair? Weirdo.). I had music on in my bedroom, but kept hearing strange noises that weren't part of the song I was listening to. I brushed off the noises, and attributed them to something outside. Denial works best when home alone, in a house that has a history of strange occurances (but oddly enough, only when I'm around). Then, as I was standing there, hands above my head (blow drying), I felt what seemed like a hand grab my side. There was pressure, but not enough to hurt me. It was quick. I was looking in the mirror the whole time, so I could see that nobody was standing there (and, again, I was home alone). I froze, due to fright. Then I got the hell out of dodge. Very creepy.

Today is our camping trip!! It's still raining (over a week now), but we're not going to let that dampen our spirits. pun intended.

Here is our plan:

Leave Long Island at 6pm.
Drive North to Boiceville, NY.
Find my Dad's shack. Then, find the right key to get into it. Flip on the electricity.
Then things get a little complicated. My dad and I had a conference in our bathroom last night, where, for a good 20 minutes, he taught me about plumbing. I need to close a bunch of valves, then flip on the well breaker, then listen for the water to run, and when it stops, re-open all of the valves. Piece of cake. That is, unless there's a leak. You see, my father just installed plumbing. Never tested it! He's also giving me some rubber cement and vinyl to patch up any leaks. haha. fun.
The night shall consist of these things, in no particular order:
  • Scattegories
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Heavy Drinking
  • Cigarellos
  • Snacks
  • Cuddling
  • etc.

Tomorrow morning we're going to wake up. Make a judgment call based on the weather. If it's not raining we'll go on a couple of hikes. If it is raining I hear there's a great yarn shop in Woodstock! There's also lots of other fun stuff to do in Woodstock and Phonicia, so we'll be good. Oh! And I can't forget about my favorite used book store right there in town! We'll keep ourselves dry, and busy.

Saturday night:

  • see Friday night

Sunday morning we're leaving early so as not to miss football. For real.

I think I made a bet about winning in Scattegories last night. I can't remember what the wager was though. Good thing I'm the best.



I'm really starting to hate Thursday. So close!

Today I am fairly busy. My desk has been burried under mountains of paperwork all week, but that's not why I'm busy. I'm busy planning my weekend getaway. I'm so siked. So tired, and so siked.


Lunch woes.

Never, EVER, have vegetable fried rice, followed by rock candy for lunch. Consider yourself warned.
My belly hates me.
My teeth are starting to get angry too.

I think my whole body is starting to shut down. 4 hours is not enough sleep. Surprisingly, my spirits are still super high. hm.

Still raining.


Current Mood: Completely Satisfied.


When will it stop?

It's been raining forever. Reminds me of the chapter in Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man entitled "The Long Rain". I believe it was about a group of army type men who had crash landed on Venus where it rained constantly and the air was so thick it was like breathing rain. Yes, I'm a nerd.

With that said, please show me some sun or blue sky. Like this:


Check out this site. NOW!


This week, in the pm...

Last night: Football (I passed out during the 3rd quarter)
Tonight: Shopping for Camping? Then I have a play date with Rick, I think...one of us might flake out.
Wednesday: Guys Birthday! Cake at my house.
Thursday: Knitting, then Dart Practice!!
Friday: CAMPING!! Whoop!!

Hopefully, camping will consist of these things:
  • A nice fire
  • Scategories
  • Trivial pursuit
  • Beer
  • Warmth
  • Pretty Fall Colors
  • Kaaterskill Falls
  • Finding a Candy Apple, somewhere
  • Cuddling to keep warm
  • Plumbing
  • Staying Dry
  • Lots of Photos
  • Tons of Fun

Should you have any suggestions, please feel free to add to this list.

I was supposed to have Roller Derby practice this week, but since the practice rink is outside, there'll be none of that until this weekend. Too bad I'll be away. :(

I'm also thinking I might be needing a Chris fix sometime soon. (yes, you, Tabron). You tell me when, and my butt will be in Brooklyn in the time it takes to maneuver my way down the LIE/BQE.

I've had enough of this gloomy week. I need sun, or someone to watch a movie with. Either will suffice.

Oh! Jen and I are going to start looking for apartments! I won't be able to pay off my car when I though I could, but I couldn't think of a better way to spend my money! That girl is the shit!



Dramatic Monday. Act 1, Scene 1...


Lunch Break Adventures.

Thanks to Jen's fabulous idea, I'm going thrift shopping on my lunch break. She said it's a good way to find clothes that I can get dirty for our camping trip this weekend. She's brilliant.

No nap for me. I'm a tough enchilada. (and I've had lots of coffee).

oh, and I quit cigarettes this weekend.

yes! I feel good.


I've won.

Johnny told me that I always win. Then. I won. I've always known he was a smart guy. Oh, and today's his birthday! Happy Birthday John! Thanks for letting me gush while you were undoing your cumberbun.

I've learned a couple things this weekend.

I am still very bad at foosball.
I am really good at flirting. (no?)

Book Case.

Seeing as I never made my tetris block bookcase, it's only right that I add another project to the list. I can, and will (eventually) make something like this (or buy it?).

Note the built-in chair and foot stool. Genius.


You asked for it.

13 sittings later...
Originally uploaded by newdaystobrave.
Here's my butt again.

Don't do it.

Don't ever watch 'The Grudge'.

Don't do it.

You'll never sleep well again.




I'm joining a Roller Derby!! That's right, I said ROLLER DERBY!

Be jealous.



Colorado Trip.

Pardon my Stream of Conscious type writing. I'm not a writer, and I'm lazy.

Saturday September 24, 2005.

Matt picked my up from my house at 6 am. Stopped for bagels and coffee. Arrived at JFK at 6:30. Checked in. Security. Wait. Worried about hurricane Rita destroying my travel plans. Call my bro. Ask him air traffic control questions. Look for Vogue knitting, nobody carries it. Watch CNN while I wait to board. Everything is about Rita. Stressing about my layover in Dallas. Take off on time. Turbulence. Nap. Untangle knots in yarn. Photoshop. We land in Dallas. 11:15, my connecting flight leaves at 11:40. Have to get from terminal C to terminal A in 25 minutes. Run. Take shuttle. Run some more. Board just before they shut the door. Relief. Off to Denver. Watch 2 and a half men on the flight. Land in Denver, 12:20 pm. Get a call from Chris. They’re meeting me in the West Terminal. Find the West Terminal. Wait outside for him and Nicole to pick me up. Red Jeep Grand Cherokee pulls up. Chris jumps out and gives me a huge hug. Meet Nicole. She’s totally awesome (for a lack of anything else). We head south to Manitou Springs. Listening to the Postal Service. Looking at photos. Siked. Gorgeous weather. Gorgeous scenery. Great company. Excited
. Stop at Safeway to get some food. Come out with muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato. Cheese sandwiches are the best. Go up to Chris’s house. Nicole drops us off. We make sandwiches. Meet Chris’s housemate Alex, his dog Murdoch, and their kitten Zoe. So fun. They live on an enormous hill with priceless views. Chris has band practice before his show later that night. I stay at the house, thought I might nap. Instead I go for a short walk up one of the trails near Chris’s house with Alex and Murdoch. So amazing. Alex shows me the house on the hill that he’s closing on this week. Great house, great location. So jealous. We go back to the house. Get changed. Go pick up Russ. Stop at Bob’s beer distributor. 6 pack of FAT TIRE. So siked. Go into Colorado Springs to Benny’s to see Chris’s band, Pale Room, perform. One Fat tire, I’m wasted. They say it’s the altitude. Must be. Get my ass kicked in foosball by Conner. Play southpark pinball with Alex. Meet up with Nicole. Meet the infamous Janine, and Andrea. I’m drunk, hungry and exhausted. Stay until Chris finishes his DJ interlude. Ask Alex to take me to get something to eat. Russ, Alex and I go back to the house. I make a cheese sandwich and have a Fat Tire. We sit on the couch and talk about our sororities and fraternities. They want to go to the Mariner, then to Larasce’s house. I can’t get up. I’m beat. 2 hour time difference makes it 3am. I’ve been up for almost 24 hours. They give me a huge guilt trip, then leave so I can go to bed. Sleep on the couch with Zoe. So adorable.

Sunday September 25, 2005.

10 am breakfast reservations at Adam’s Mountain café. Nicole works there. We wake up at 9. Shower and get dressed. Chris, Alex and I walk down to town to Adam’s. Meet Nicole and Ryan there. Order the Runner’s special. Whole grain pancakes, fresh fruit and potatoes in some amazing sauce. So yum. Best breakfast ever. Coffee with honey. We get invited to go camping for the night with Nicole, Alex and Ryan since Larasce backed out last minute. We think it should be a good adventure. We sign on. Get back to the house, pack up some stuff, Nicole comes. Load her jeep with firewood and warm clothes. Food, cooler, cameras, tents and blankets. On the road by 12:30. I volunteer to sit bitch, I figure I’m the shortest. Ugh. 3 and a half hours Southwest to The Great Sand Dunes National Park. Go through some cute towns. See a sign advertising an Alligator Farm and UFO watchtower. Get siked. The dunes come into view. I can’t even describe. Rolling sand dunes that separate the mountain from the valley. Strange sight. Gorgeous. Get into the park. We have to go down a sand road, bumpy, and curvy. Stop at a sign that tells us we need to drop our tire pressure down to 15 to 20 psi’s because of the soft sand ahead. We all get out and grab a tire. Back to offroading. About a mile in we get to a parking area. We get out and are faced with climbing a 700 foot sand dune that appears to be straight up. I can only make it about half way. Can’t breathe. Combination between altitude and my inability to breath through my nose. Everyone else gets up, eventually. I try an alternate root. Get a nose bleed. Have to rely on strangers for some tissues. They were very kind. Wait at the bottom for the rest of them to come down. The wind is outrageous. I have sand everywhere. My ears, my hair, my skin completely exfoliated by it. It hurt. Once they get back down, we head further on the sandy path. Get to the National Forrest camping area. We seem to be the only ones there. Driving through streams and bumpy terrain to find a site. Find one, unload, only to find we don’t have the posts for the 6 person tent. We do, however, have a 3 person tent also. Pitch that tent. Eat some veggies and wheat thins. Walk down the creek. It’s getting cold already. Still daylight. Nicole, Ryan, Chris and I decide to take a ride further down the trail to see some more. Alex has already been there. He stays at the site. We find a better site, much further down the trail. Go back, pack up, and move camp. By the time we move everything to the new camp I need to put on all of the layers I have. I’m freezing. Alex starts the fire. We sit around the fire, drink fat tire, make smores, eat pb & j. Nicole goes into the woods to pee, see’s green eyes, freaks out, freaks us all out. Turns out to be dear. No bears. No Mountain Lions, No worries. Put all our food in the Bear locker to be safe. Sit around the fire. It’s about 40 degrees. We’re cold, and tired. Chris and I retreat to the tent. Nicole wants to sleep next to the fire. So does Alex and Ryan. Chris and I goof off in the tent, try to stay warm, try to sleep on the hard, cold, dirt ground. Toss and turn all night. Hardly any sleep. Alex comes in halfway through the night. Provides a little more warmth. Still freezing. Awoken by a coyote cakling and howling. Keeps it up for what seems like the entire night. The tip of my nose is frozen. Morning comes.

Monday September 26, 2005.

The daylight wakes us up at 7am. We leave the tent. Chris goes on a hike. Alex and I join Ryan by the fire. The sun is hiding behind the mountains, it’s still freezing. We sit in silence by the fire while Nicole sleeps for about an hour. Nicole wakes up. The sun is starting to hit us now. Warms us a little. I go for a walk into a huge valley. Ryan comes with his camera (he’s a professional photographer). Go back to camp. Nicole is making toast over the fire. Peanut butter toast. Yum. We start to pack up. Get back on the road by 10. Pump up our tires, leave the park. Attempt to find the Alligator farm. Find a gas station with little kids outside giving carwashes for donations for the Hurricane victims. We can’t refuse. We leave the car with them, go to the Zip Code Café next to the gas station. Small place. About 6 tables. One lady runs it. She has one of those portable grills and a cutting board. Good meal. Eggs over easy, wheat toast, home fries. Yum. Go pick up the car and discount tickets(8 bucks) to the alligator farm. 3 miles down the road. Pull in. Mad shady, super white trashy, looks interesting. We walk in, the owner is asleep behind the counter. His 5 year old daughter wakes him up “Daddy, Customers!”. We start our journey through the stinky place. Stop to hold a baby alligator. Take a funny group picture. Get magnets made out of it. Tourist Trap. See Lizards, Turtles, Snakes, Fish, everything. Feed the Alligators. Only the small ones would eat. The large gators didn’t even move. Huge. Scary. In the middle of COLORADO. Find strange junk yard/burial ground area. Chris is the first to investigate. Lots of bones and junked cars. Gross. Rotting Ostrich carcass. We think we’re in a bad horror movie. Get out. Stop to antagonize a couple of Ostrich, some Emus, and a couple of Donkey’s. Peruse the gift shop. Wait for our magnets. Get the hell out of dodge. Very strange. 3 and a half hour ride back to Manitou Springs. I tried to sleep. Finally back. Shower!! So nice. Chris goes to practice again. I chill with Alex. We play with the cat, I convince him to go out with us later. Chris gets back. We go into Colorado Springs to play pool. Monday night football. Denver is winning. Again, one beer and I’m drunk. Play decent pool (because I’m drunk). Scratched twice on the 8 ball. Oops. Appetizer and pitcher of Oktoberfest. 10 bucks. Good deal. Get home early. Pack up to leave the next day. Allergy attack. Itchy eyes. Good sleep.

Tuesday September 27, 2005.

Wake up early. Pack up, say goodbye to Alex and the animals. Go into town for breakfast at some cute café. Chai and a bagel. Say goodbye to Nicole and Janine. See some dude with a cat on a leash. Walk over to the post office to mail postcards. Did I address them? Oops. I don’t remember. Haha. Get on the road and head north to Denver Airport. Listen to Sufjan Stevens. Chris drops me off. So sad to go. Wait. Get on the plane. Layover in Dallas. Wait. Get on the plane. Photoshop my pics. Land at JFK. 9:45pm. Matt picked me up. Got home. Exhausted. Missing Colorado already. Back to the grind.

Photo's are here.



Damn-it. I knew I wanted to do something this weekend. I totally forgot I wanted to post the play-by-play of my Colorado trip. It's almost finished, sitting on my powerbook, trapped in a Word document. This week is looking to be hectic, so hopefully I'll find time to post it. Perhaps during half time tonight. We'll see.

My week at work should be fun. Note major sarcasm. I'll save that rant for the end of the week to see if I have survived it. No use in counting my chickens before they hatch. Needless to say, I won't be online for the majority of the week.

This is how my after work schedule is looking:

Monday-- Playing with kittens via John, then Monday night football. Packers vs. Panthers.

Tuesday-- I'm supposed to be holding a secret meeting that someone who might read this blog can't know about, so I'll leave it at that. It might get re-scheduled. Then, I'm watching the Grudge (through my fingers of course, probably buried in a pillow too, I can't do scary movies).

Wednesday-- 13th Tattoo Appointment. Will it ever be finished? Ugh.

Thursday-- Stitch n Bitch of course, then Jen and I will probably keep up tradition (we started last week) and go to the Pub to practice our dart skills.

Friday-- ???

Then the weekend:

Saturday-- Beer on the Pier? Maybe?
Sunday-- ???

I'd like to eat Carvel Wednesday night. Buy one get one free. Let me know if you're interested in eating the free one (or vise versa) ;) .