Sometimes I feel like I'm in one of those films where the girl is forced into an arranged marraige because of circumstance, but she'll always be in love with someone else.

Obviously, my situation barely compares to this in the way you might make an association. But I assure you, in my head it makes sense.


haha is not a sentence.
haha. is.

my paternal grandmother passed away on monday.

i have spent the week with death and family.
without love.

which made everything seem a bit harder.

she is at peace.
she will be missed.
she was always a classy lady.
will always be in my heart.

she always told me that my hair was too long.
she always held my hand so tight when i would sit with her.
she always smiled so bright when i went to visit her.

for the past year or so, whenever i would see her she would ask me "why am i still here?" or "when am i going to go?"

she was ready.
she was waiting.

she has gone.

rest in peace grandma.
i love you.