tonight, tonight.


48 E. 12th Street

Olesya is hanging artwork!

I'll be there just after 6pm.

Come hang.


Life is good.

this is fun.
all of it.
being here.
going there.
staying in.


and being insanely in love with my friends.


here --> there

This weekend I'll be in Soho.

Come hang.


The only things that matter are:

an early train.
waiting 10 minutes at the shady Hempstead station.
candy necklace.
magenta sea shell.
birthday cookies.
knitted gifts.
books with secret notes.
long embraces.
writing songs about old people.
staying warm.



true love waits.
true love resonates.
true love.
is in my mind.
in a card.
written inside the front cover of a book.
true love.
understands distance.
true love.
time machine.



I am cranking out my homework today. Hallelujah for very slow work Tuesday's.

-written 2 papers (3 pgs each).
-filled out 10 observation sheets for field work.
-updated my field work journal.
-drew 5 "visual entries" in my journal.
-organized paperwork by class.
-made copies of a journal article I have to present in class tomorrow.

All that's left to do is:
-read. A TON.
-administer a FEATS exam.
-analyze and write a 3 page paper on the FEATS exam.




Last night I learned that laughing and shooting tea out of your nose is not a good way to say adios to a cold. In fact, I think doing so welcomed the cold back. I felt great yesterday (despite the hangover), hardly any stuffage. Today is the pits.

This weekend.

Friday night I thought it might be fun to have some gals over to chill and relax and talk about girlie shit. I sent out the invites, but there were too many wishy-washy responses, so I canceled and promised that I'd give at least 2 days notice the next time I planned on having such an event. Instead, I went on a first date with Scott. Not really, but we were accused of being on a first date by some crazy drunkard. We went to grab sushi in Bay Shore. Good times were had. As per usual. He drove me home and peaced out, and I put my PJ's on and watched The Ring. I hate scary movies, but it was really the only thing on.

Oh! I also set myself up for the 21st century and installed the interweb at my apt. That was a fun series of events and wires.

Saturday was pure debauchery. My bro-in-law had to back out of a vineyard trip, and I got to take his place. Boy-o-boy, was it fun. We (around 30 of us) left N. Babylon around 12 noon, and by 12:15 I was very inebriated. We went to 3 vineyards, where I got more intensely drunk. The last was my favorite. Martha Clara. I'm not the biggest fan of their wines, but they have a ton of animals, and I just love going to pet them. It's absolutely, hands down, one of my favorite things to do. Lucky for me, when we got off of the bus, one of the farm hands was pulling up on his golf cart. His name was Charlie, and he was around 65-70 and he was African American with blue blue eyes. Amazing. I jumped on his cart and off we went to the secret parts of the farm. I played with Australian Highlanders (they are cows, I thought they were buffalo) and black stallions. It was quite the experience. I got back to the winery in time to learn that we were getting kicked out (they had the police on their way). Apparently, our crowd was a bit rowdy by that time. Whoop!

I came home, changed a bazillion times (I was drunkie), then Maria and Kiesha picked me up and whisked me away to Greenpoint/Park Slope area. We met up with some of Maria's fabulous friends and went to some amazing bar with a couple of bocce courts, and books. Tons of books. I love books so much. I drank. They got me drunker. It was fun.

Until 8:30am Sunday morning rolled around and I had to get up for my internship. No bueno. I spent the majority of yesterday in a hangover/I hate myself for drinking so much daze. After my internship, Dylan and I took a ride up to Maria's for some cuddling, pizza eating, movie watching, brownie eating, and tea shooting through my nose fun.

Oh! I have to tell you about Maria. She rocks my socks off. I'm in love. Plain and simple.



I called in sick (I was actually sick), did laundry, tripped and fell on the concrete while carrying my laundry inside, bled a bunch, then went to school in a Dayquil daze, ate some gross sandwich, came home, then went to a local bar with Drew. Was drunk, home, and in bed by 10:30.

Woke up at 2:30am. Didn't get back to sleep until 6am. Amazing. I am thankful that there were many episodes of Rob and Big running between these hours.

It's almost the weekend. I mean, it will for sure be the weekend circa 4:30pm this afternoon. After I finish doing the intense amount of work that some how happened to pile up on my ONE sick day off. Jeez, Louise. So busy. And sorta cranky from the lack of sleep.

This weekend will be comprised of:

Girls (Kiesha and Maria and hopefully Rita)
Boys (that I haven't met yet?)
Wine (I might take a wine bus out east with my sister and 30 other people, still contemplating)
Homework (I am finally getting the internet at home this weekend)
Internship (Sunday, ugh, I have a love/hate relationship with this sucker)

I'm hungry and I have no breakfast!



Why would they schedule the debate the same night as the Project Runway finale?


Come on.

Now I'm torn. The debate is at my school! They've spent millions of mine and my classmates very expensive tuition money to host this debate. I really want to watch it go down.


Project Runway is the only show I watch. And, although this season was super boring, I live for the finale!


Also. Tonight. I have these other things to do.

1. Not be sick. (I am sick, fever, aches, general grossness)
2. Laundry. (here is where we do a collective laugh out loud)
3. Home work. Really important. I've been slacking. Tons of stuff due tomorrow that I haven't even thought about yet. Ugh.



if i had a time machine i would go back one day.

ginger ale.
pepto bismol.
buttered toast.
cold rain.

cold cold rain.


This my excavation...

Bon Iver was the soundtrack for my weekend. Inadvertently.

It was a weekend full of recounting old memories while making new ones.

and 2's and 1's.

Two dogs. One old hang out. Two dance floors. One beautiful wedding.

One maniacal search for something, and coming up with two of something totally unforeseen, yet completely relevant to the evenings activities.

Two birthday nights, spent at the same one place.

Just about two hours of healthy sleep last night.
And one nasty hangover today.


Weekend update.

Not much news.

Went out in Lindy with Drew last night.

Turns out he lives down the street. I walked there. Took me one cigarette to get there. In actual time I believe it was about 3.5 minutes.

We went to some pretty classy place across from the train station. Can't remember the name. 2 blue moons and I was quite drunk. Then it suddenly became karaoke night, and we bounced.

Then I drew a mini lion. In pen.

Jackie and Nico are coming to stay with me for the weekend. We'll go out tonight.

Tomorrow I hope to get some of these things accomplished before going to Jeff's wedding at 6.

- Car wash
- Mani/Pedi
- Shop for black boots
- Shop for gray boots
- Eat an italian ice
- Are the italian ice places still open??? Back-up plan, Smoothie.
- Visit my nephew

Then I'm going to dance like a lunatic until the dj/band/whatever plays the last song. Whoop!


I have to run up to my internship site between 2 & 2:45. Ugh.

Then, my sister is having dinner at her place to celebrate my bro-in-laws birthday.

Fun times ahead. Whoop!


Can't get much better.

food shopping.
hand holding.
spinning and swirling.
cooking dinner together.
mac & cheese.
black pepper.
chopped red onion.
chick peas.
ranch dressing.
he washed, I dried.
cookies and beer.
and project runway.
cuddling on the couch.
so comfortable.
we belonged there.
in life.

An amazing night of regular existence...

Lived to the max with him.


Old and new.

Last night, after watching a movie while taking a bath, I decided to look through one of my old sketch books. It was from 2002-03. It was fantastic. I love re-living my life through my drawings and psychotic writing. ha! I am going to go buy a new book today and try to draw/write/dream in it as often as possible.

After that, I dyed my hair while watching/listening to the debate. Lots of multi-tasking last night.

I hate when KEXP has their fund drives. Love the station, and am a frequent doner, but I want to HEAR MUSIC!



I went shopping last night.

Spent $560.00.

All on myself.

and, naturally, I got home and felt terrible about it.

But after a much needed pep talk this morning (thanks Cody), I am feeling much much better about blowing through that money.

I can't start thinking about money without figuring out where I'm at for saving to pay for school.

Here it is. I am $3,000 away from the savings goal I intended on for paying for my part of tuition. Whoop! I have 10 months left to save this much. NO PROB BOB. I'm actually thinking I can save way more than that, so maybe my loans won't be so bad after all. Whoop!

Enough money talk.

I just paid a visit to my sister and adorable nephew. I think everyone should get to hold other peoples babies on their lunch breaks. The world would be a much better place.

She also fed me this delicious mix of potatoes, onions, and zucchini. YUM.


Does anyone know where I can get Ecto Cooler?


Baby it's cold outside.


No. Not really. But it is pretty darn cold. Therefore, I am wearing a winter scarf. It's made of wool, and my neck has not adjusted to it yet. So now I have a ring of red marks around my neck from scratching. Lovely.

In other news. My weekend went like this.

Friday night.
Malina's new apartment (which is so unbelievably wonderful it deserves it's own entire post).
white wine.
pizza boy posse.
half a pizza.
and a bowl of something.

in the city by 1.
lunch at blockheads with my Ryan.
mini lion.
grandpa sweater.
dinner at some italian place on 83rd with Stephen and Cody.
learning that Stephen is spelled with a "ph".
impromptu party at Stephens.
jokes and wise cracks.
cab downtown to Houston.
cab back uptown to find Jackie.
tasti delite late night snack.
home and in bed by 2:30am.

10am internship.
exhausted. all day.
can't even remember anything i was so tired.
and asleep by 6:30pm.






Last night in class.
Elise brought her dog Charlie.
we didn't know. until the end of class when she said "did anyone notice a dog in the room?" and we all looked at her like she was nuts.
then she lifts a bag from under the desk.
and POP!
Charlie's head comes peeking out.


Let's talk about the weekend.
I am completely up in the air.
I feel like I may be coming down with something. Therefore, tonight I will stay in. And sleep.

Tomorrow I plan on training it to the city. In the daytime. I hope to see Steven and Cody, and then my sweet Ryan. If the day goes this way, I will be the happiest gal in the universe.

I have to be responsible enough to make it to my internship at 10am sharp on Sunday. Ugh.

I can't wait for this workday to be over. I have a serious date with my shower, then my kitchen table, then my couch, and then my cozy soft sheets. Wild night. I know.


Pay off.


I win.

My boss just decided to pay off the over $2,500 still left on my car loan.


So siked.

Of course, now I will save that money to pay for school.
or move to Manhattan.
or escape to Barcelona for a month.
buy a sloth.


Pop Music.

I had one of those moments this morning.

When you feel like you're in a commercial for some hip trendy car, or target.

Something cute.

I was driving down the road. A two lane road. And I was in the left lane. And Dylan was standing on my lap with his head out of the cracked window.

And I pulled up to a light.

And a guy pulled up beside me.


He had a similar looking dog (a bit scruffier).

Standing on his lap.

With it's head out the crack of the window.

And some dreamy poppy music was playing via WUSB.

And we looked at each other.

And started laughing.

In our dirty cars.
With our pups on our laps.
and similar musical tastes (his bumper stickers told that story).