Keeping you updated.

Well. It's been a crazy past couple of months. School is quite literally kicking my ass. I definitely took on waaaaaaaay too much this semester, but, eh, might as well do it now and get it over with, right? Anywho, my normal day consists of going to work, then either going to school, to my part time job at the yarn store, or straight home to do insane amounts of homework. My weekends consist of working at the yarn shop and doing homework, and sometimes doing laundry. I'm quite exhausted and in the midst of midterms, so I'm definitely ready to go completely insane, but I think I'm handling it well.

Brodie's birthday is next Friday, the 16th, and the gifts I got him will take up the next 2 Saturday's, the 17th and the 24th. Sunday, the 18th, we're celebrating B's birthday with his fam, then I'm traveling into the city with Malina to see Ani at Town Hall (love that place!). As I said before, Saturday the 24th we're busy, and Sunday the 25th we have my Aunt and Uncles anniversary party. So, clearly, my next two weekends are completely full and I will have NO time for studying, or, doing said midterms...SO EVERYTHING MUST GET DONE THIS WEEKEND. Booooooo. This is the first weekend Brodie doesn't have a show (he just finished a run of Little Shop of Horror's), and I would LOVE to spend some time with him, but, alas, work work work work work. I think we're going to try to catch a midnight performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show tomorrow night at CM. We went last year and it was good fun!

Let's look at it this way. I have a take home midterm (short answer, T/F, and an essay) for my Foundations of Art Therapy class due on the 20th. Also, on that same day, I have to do my group project. I'm going to lead my group through a Gestalt movement therapy session. Since we just got the assignments last week, I have yet to begin preparing for this. I'd like to get both of these things finished this weekend.
I also have a collage card project due in my Creativity class this coming Tuesday, the 13th. My mother helped me make the 25 4"x6" cards last night, and tonight I'm going to embroider over them with my new sewing machine (that's still sitting unopened in the box since my b-day).
Oh. Then I also have the 10 million hours of work I have to do for my online class. I can't even get into how completely ridiculous the amount of work is for this class. Let's just say that I spend MOST OF MY TIME doing the work for it, and I'm not even matriculating, I just need to pass. SO FRUSTRATING. I should have taken Psyche classes in undergrad. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
Then there is my Telecourse. My next exam, paper, etc. can come any day in the mail, so I have to be prepared for more work, which will most likely be due on the 17th, the next time I have an on campus meeting. Agh!

Writing it out has made me stress out a little more. Basically, I only have tonight, tomorrow night, Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday night to get all of this work done. ALL OF IT. I would like to curse here, but instead I'll get my point across this way.

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In other news...Hmmm...

Oh, I went to the New York Sheep and Wool festival last month with my Mother. It was a gorgeous fall day (65 degrees!). We got up to Rhinebeck at 9am, exactly when the fair began (Yes, we left the house at 6! hahahahahaha, we're nuts!). We were completely done with the entire thing by noon, so we drove around for a bit, and decided to go walk around Woodstock while we were right there. We got a bit lost on the drive home because I got on the Saw Mill instead of the Sprain. Whoops! Come on, I had been up since 5 and they both start with an "S". But in a way the detour (which lead us down Riverside Dr in Manhattan...Don't ask) was productive, because it gave us enough time to finish listing to the audiobook I took out from the library, I Feel Bad About My Neck, by Nora Ephron. It was pretty fabulous!

I came home with 3 Skeins of Socks that Rock from the madness that was The Fold, and that was about it. I also ate some Artichoke French, and got the best Cheese and Riesling Wine I've EVER tasted!

I've been making Calorimetry's like it's my job in between knitting samples for the store. I have no clue what I'm giving people for Christmas this year b/c I just don't have the time to knit any other types of gifts, and the Calorimetry isn't for everyone! Ugh.

I'll add some pics to this post later tonight...When I should be doing HW, but instead misusing my time by playing on the internets.