the air smelled stale.
the wind blew my dress.
i walked the platform.
back and forth.
hoping to run into you.

shallow breaths.
pounding heart.

the battle.
There are always these moments. On the train. From penn to babylon. That make you feel so unstoppable. Like you need to go out and grab what you want. Like nothing is impossible. Like you want to scream outloud to all of the other passengers. You know what you want. You know this feeling. You want it to be real. In front of your face. Right now. So you can act on it.


You remain a silent coward.

Quivering in your blue seat.

Wishing things were differnt.


One year.

One year ago today.

My life changed, forever.




i wore a dress to work today.

the first thing my boss said when she walked in:

"you must have a lunch date."

i tried my best not to die laughing.

these people have no clue what i look like in real life.


henry rollins quote

henry rollins quote, originally uploaded by jerm IX.

this. is. painfully. true.


Interesting weekend of being contently lonely.

I took the 4 hour trip up to the Newport Folk Festival all alone.
It was an amazing time.
Ben Kweller
The Low Anthem
Mavis Staples
Fleet Foxes
Iron & Wine.

I bought myself a gorgeous ring, and dangling black earrings.
a falafel sandwich
a jasmine iced tea.

Matt came down from Boston and met up with me during Fleet Foxes.
We went to dinner in town.
Lobster Bisque
Caesar Salad.

Salt Water Taffy.

Gorgeous night.

The zipper broke on my favorite purse.
It is one of those super trivial things, that bum you out beyond belief.

The next day I tore off my front bumper.
duck taped it back on.

Watched the first 3 episodes of Lost in Rob's new living room.
Pizza and garlic knots and laundry.

I have a busy week ahead. Too much to do, that I don't want to think about, so I won't write it.

Taking the trek up to Newport all by my lonesome, I had enough time to do a lot of thinking in the car. My favorite thought was, if I were to create my own music festival, and if I could have any bands/artists (dead or alive) that I want, what would the line-up look like.

Here it is.

Iron & Wine
Bon Iver
Fleet Foxes
Bob Dylan
Devendra Banhart
Otis Redding
Jenny Lewis
Ella Fitzgerald
Charlie Parker
Jose Gonzalez
Nick Drake
The Weakerthans
Neko Case
Van Morrison
Of Montreal
Ray LaMontagne
The Low Anthem (check them out!)
Leonard Cohen
The Tallest Man on Earth
Damien Rice
Sam Cooke
Elvis Perkins
Joanna Newsom