!!! ART !!!

Donald Judd is one of my, if not my ultimate, favorite sculptors. I absolutely love the simplicity of his geometric forms, and the solidity of them.

I would love love love love, to take a tour of his former soho residence!

wow wow wow wow.



As we were watching the super bowl the other night, Brodie and I got to talking about betting. I guess I brought it up by asking if he bet on the game. Somehow, that segued into a new bet. We're having a six pack competition. Abs, not beer, because he'd clearly kick my ass on that one. I mean, I doubt he'll participate at all, but it made it easier for me to want to accomplish something by having some competition. haha. Oh man. So, I have until the first "beach day" to make my six pack (possible 8 pack?) visible. My stomach is weird, and I have a pretty long torso, so I think that there are a bunch of abs in there, just dying to be seen. hahahaha.


I started training last night by doing lunges and squats. Yes, I know that this is not working out my abs, but I figure, hell, what's a nice tummy without a great ass? Right? This morning I woke up early, 7am as opposed to the 7:45 I usually crawl out of bed, and did some "Resistance Windsor Pilates" because I can't find my regular Windsor Pilates DVD's. DOH! It was rather funny because the dog kept trying to eat the resistance band while I was doing the various workouts. Now I'm sure that's going to get old fast, but I sort of like the idea of getting in some play time with him before I got to work and he's left all alone in my room for the next 8 hours. Poor thing. Back to Windsor Pilates. David bought me the DVD's when I was trying to get in shape last time, a little over 2 years ago now. At that time I was super depressed and unhappy in my relationship, and I sort of let myself go. I was somewhere near 20 lbs heavier than I am now. Ew. What a terrible time in my life. I'm currently at my ideal weight, and I do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a day (does showering count?), so I figure a little exercise will do wonders. I'm also hoping it will fix up my immune system which as been less than stellar lately. I'm sure it's not normal to get sick once a month. I have 90 days. Let's see what happens. Wish me luck.

P.S. My butt muscles are killing me today, so I must be doing something right!



Why would I eat that muffin if I knew it, coupled with that gigantic black coffee, would give me instant indigestion?

Second question:

What the hell is in muffins that gives you heartburn?

Always, every time, it never fails that if I eat a muffin I will be begging the acid reflux gods to have mercy on my never-having-a-supply-of-tums-at-work soul. Damn.

In other, non-acidic, news, I had a lovely weekend.

Brodie and I went out for sushi at Mizu on Friday night. Scotty met up with us, and it was a really nice treat to have a visit with him seeing as he is one of my best friends and I hardly ever see the kid anymore. After dinner I slipped happily into my sushi coma and was asleep before midnight. haha.

Because I went to bed so early Friday night, I was up around 8 on Saturday morning, ready to conquer the world. Jen, apparently, had the same idea, so we head out to Granny's yarn shop and did a little shopping. 20% off all the yarn in the store, who could resist? I brought in to lace blanket pattern in hopes of her helping me out with trying to locate it (did I mention that it's a photocopy and that a bunch of it is cut off on the side, so I have to really really really try to figure out every pattern row? Super difficult when it's my first lace project.), but she said that the pattern had to be older than her, and she basically couldn't help me. Meh. I wound up buying some yarn to make this cute caplet sweater thing that was hanging on her wall, but she couldn't find the pattern, so it gives me some time to finish my other projects before being anxious and jumping on that one. She's going to call me when she locates it. We also went to blockbuster and to get egg sandwiches. I worked on the blanket for a little bit when I got home, and it seems to be knitting up quicker than I imagined it would, so that's a plus! We hung around the apartment all day until we went up to Laura and Andrews for dinner. It was nice hanging with the Centauro crew. I really enjoy their company. We had a super yummy meal, and super yummy dessert. When we got home Jen had just started watching the Ring 2 with her sister, so we joined them on the couch. Went to bed a little later than Friday night, but not much. haha.

Sunday was a lazy day that included more knitting and sitting on the couch. I was semi-productive in that I went over to my Mom's and did laundry. I had dinner there and watched the first half of the game. After Prince's half-time show (I'm so disappointed he didn't do "Kiss") Brodie and I left to go to Quinns. We had a couple of beers, watched the end of the game, and came home. I did a little more knitting before bed, but strained to keep my eyes open during my last purl row. I was out like a light before Brodie made it to bed.

I have a bunch of projects to complete this week. They're all pretty secret, so I'll give you some further detail when they are finished and gifted. Wish me luck!



I finally have over $10,000.00 in my savings account.

That makes me feel accomplished.

It's a long way off from a downpayment on a house, but...


Into the weekend we go.

Let's see.


Finish Mom's birthday present. (this involves painting, staining and appoxying)


Up to Laura and Andrew's for dinner. Haven't seen them in a while, so I'm pretty excited about the visit.


Superbowl. I have no idea where I'm watching, but right now it's a toss up between Quinn's and my livingroom. I'm going to leave it up to Brodie to decide.

That's it.

Have a great weekend!