Holy Moly.

Ok, so I haven't updated in a bazillion years. Here's a little taste of what's new in the land of Suz.

- It's summer. (well, it's official as of tomorrow, but the weather outside is telling me that it's already here.)
- Work is the same. Got a raise.
- Brodie is the best thing in my life right now and I am so completely appreciative of that. He's my rock and he's more than I could ever, ever, EVER ask for in a man.
- Started taking Accutane to finally treat my skin problem. I just started my second month. Things are going well so far. I have a separate journal for that which has been demanding all of my time and keeping me from here.
- We got curtains for the living room and used pool sticks that we found for $3.00 at a garage sale as curtain rods. We're crafty bitches. I'm proud.
- Went to Fire Island a couple of times. Once, Memorial day weekend, and once for my sisters bachelorette party. Good, good drunken times.
- Paul Kind taught Jen and I how to sail. We're going to start racing with him. It's hard work, but super fun and exciting.
- Jen and I have been playing twister at random places and calling it "Flash Mob Twister". We played at 2am on a Saturday night in front of the Nutty Irishman (a guido bar/club in town). The bouncers didn't know what to do with us, so they let us play for a good twenty minutes before the stupid guido's started getting a little to touchy feely and Brodie had to step in. He's so cute. We also played in front of Special Sauce during the Bay Shore Street Fair. Jeffro has been filming the whole thing. It's pretty fun to see peoples reactions.
- Geneva (Montana) is here this week visiting from South Dakota. She's super fun.
- Jen met this boy Tom. Tom stayed over Saturday night. Brodie sleep walks. Brodie sleeps naked. Brodie sleep walked into Jen's room and tried to climb into bed with the both of them. Sometimes, I wish we had surveillance cameras.
- I went to the beach this past Sunday and got really burnt. Brodie, my Dad and I went swimming, but the water was super cold and rough. I stayed out for a while, but I was getting tossed and it was exhausting. I can't wait to get back in.
- My sister's wedding is less than a month away. ACK!!! I go for my dress fitting tonight.
- Oh yeah, did I mention I bleached my hair blonde?
- The Chowder Bar in Bay Shore is my new favorite restaurant.
- I made peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes for dinner last night. D. Lish.
- Brodie got the lead part in Carousel. I'm super proud of him. It runs all through August, come see it with me?

That's really all I got right now. I'm sure there's lots that I'm leaving out, but as I remember, I'll update. Deal?