Someone send Dylan and my Ducati to Copenhagen. Never coming back.



First ride on my new bike.
2013 Ducati Monster 696


I'd like to take a moment to tell you about an inspiring woman, my maternal grandmother. After my grandfather passed nearly 40 years ago, she was determined to live on her own and did so up until she was almost 90 years old. She had the softest skin and an incredible memory. She never let you forget that she loved you, even if that meant telling you 35 times before you hung up the phone or walked out her front door. She was tiny, but strong - both mentally and physically. She was interested in our daily lives and always asked about work and if I had a new "fella". She told me not to settle for anything less than true love. She has over 20 grandchildren and an equal amount of great grandchildren, but also loved my dog like he was my child. A remarkable person through and through, she will be missed terribly but remembered ever so fondly. 

RIP Grandma 3.17.22 - 5.15.13


New love.


Oh hello, gorgeous.


i used to feel an overwhelming sense of deep deep sadness when i listened to this song.
"today has been the most perfect day I've ever seen"

sometimes life gives you a jolt.
and all of the times you listened to yourself saying:  "i'll never again..."
seem like a distant memory.

because you will.

and no matter what
the future
the past
no               matter               what

there are moments that seem so perfect that they won't even allow thoughts of what ifs or maybes or hopes or dreams.

when you can feel every breath, every hair on your arm, eyelash on your eyeball.  you can be in mulhollands with a hundred other knicks fans.  you can be on the back of a ducati.  you can be on an orange chair.  you can be on your front steps.

when the world stops.
you know.

you haven't seen anything, yet.


And I'm going to Copenhagen in 3 weeks. Life is pretty good.

Oh. I have my motorcycle license now.


Hot guy. Hot bike.
Took me to a vegan restaurant on the UWS.
Put a Crack pie in his pocket.

Locked into a wine bar in Willyb.

Sleep is overrated

There's a lot to catch up on when it's been 13 years.