Eye and Ear Candy

Now, last night I caught my first glimmer of TV in about 3 weeks. I was actually just standing in a room that had a television on, but what I saw caught my attention very quickly. It was the new commercial for Adidas-1, the new Adidas smart shoe. The commercials visual complexity was what first caught my eye, but about 3 seconds into it, I found myself paying less attention to what was actually going about on the picture plane, and I was completely entranced by the audio. After mulling it over in my head I thought the female vocal was Cat Power, but after googling it, I've come to learn that it's in fact Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Great tune.
So apparently Spike Jonze directed the commercial which you can find here. I must say that after watching it again this morning, I am growing more and more impressed by it. It has this "Being John Malcavich" feel to it. Very M.C. Escher's labyrinth meets the I Pod generation.
I do not recall ever wearing sneakers in my dreams, but tonight I'll be sure to look down. Perhaps my feet will be encased in this new "smart shoe", which I may still need a little convincing about, but none the less, I do hope that Karen O. is singing to me in the background.