ishka bibble giggle juice

yes, i said it.

Oprah just said that she doesn't believe in "luck." huh? you mean to tell me that God controls absolutely everything, even the times when something wonderfully great happens to our benefit? what? nah, i'm gonna stick to the "luck" theory. i haven't had much lately.

i have had tons in the past though, so maybe i've used all of my luck up? i'm not irish you know. that could be a major issue on how much luck i can actually have. i do like the irish though, love em. they're great, they totally know how to celebrate a saint! what do us italians do? nothing. St. Josephs day? we go to church. we certainly don't throw a parade and get rowdy drunk. maybe i can convert. i do have pretty fair skin for an italian. i'll dye my hair red and get blue contacts or something. huh. call me erin.

also. i'm a slave to chapstick. i forgot mine at home today, so all day at work my lips were dry, shrively and burning. ouch. bad news 2000. or is it 2005. GODDAMNIT! it's 2005 already! I can remember saying "bad news 2000" like it was yesterday. sitting in Brian Funks kitchen with that jerk off Mike Longo and the very Irish John Connolly. I'm sensing a theme.

I burnt my tongue on some tortellini soup. 50 bux a week better get me some piping hot tortellini soup. ouch. burnt tongue and chapped lips. I'm in good shape.

Today i did random googling of people i graduated with. made me feel like a loser. this one's in law school, she's at NYU, she graduated from Cornell, they're engaged, he's a lacrosse star. I need to get my ass in gear. I'm going to make sure i'm taking at least one architecture course next semester.

GOD, i wish i could leave for the peace corps tomorrow. i'm so ready to ship out. right now. if my sister's wedding wasn't in July of next year I'd be filling out my application and learning 10 different foreign languages instead of blogging about the nothingness my life entails. blah.

on a good note.
i had a toasty quiznos sub for lunch. mmmmm toasty. good stuff.

the best medicine.