Viaduc de Millau

Daily, I like to pick one thing that I don't know very much about, but desire to know a lot about, and I research the hell out of it. Google is my weapon of choice. Today's topic is the Viaduct.

In my searching I've discovered this amazing piece of
architecture and engineering. I was immediately enthralled by it, and I've spent the better part of my day trying to locate more photos of it. All I have to say, is that the French are madmen. The actual website for this project has a fantastic little flash presentation that goes through 10 photos of the Viaduct while an enchanting little ditty plays in the background. I've been listening to this song for hours now. It makes me happy (I don't mind the images too much either). Visually and audibly appealing...and if you know your French, full of great information.