Plant a tree

Today is Earth Day. Good day to start drilling for oil in Alaska (see previous post).

Some interesting stuff to think about on Earth Day:
  • Today is the 35th Earth Day, learn the history here, by the creator himself. Then read his update on Earth Day here. Sobering.
  • The EPA has set up an Earth Day site, it has a question and answer section on how to show more respect for the planet.
  • Sometimes I wish I was a teacher so I could do fun stuff like this.
  • Go see Jeffrey Allen Price's artist in residence exhibit at the Islip Art Museum (carriage House). His use of recycled materials should inspire us all to be creative with trash. While you're there, go into the main building and check out the "The Nature of Things" show.
  • KIC; Keep Islip (and any other town) Clean.
  • Recycle (I mean really recycle, I know we all try, but we could all try a little harder)
  • Get a hybrid car.