Question #1

If you were the author of this "Question of the Day" meme, what would be first question you would ask, and why?
My answer:
My question would be:
If you were a post-it note, what color post-it note would you be, and why?
I really love post-it notes. They are so handy. I especially like the neon green post-its. Not the 3"x 3" ones, but the smaller, 2" x 2" ones. I would be a neon green post-it for sure. I find that they are more eye catching, compared to the neon orange, yellow and pink. It might also be that I really enjoy the color green, and I have many neon green office supplies about my desk. I also have a darling little neon green, dark green, and yellow striped pot, with a cute little jade plant flourishing out of it, that is perched on top of my desk near the window. Green is a happy color. It reminds me of nature, and makes the confines of my office seem less like a cage, and more like one step away from the lawn, sunshine, and fresh air. I like the sense of freedom, even when controlled. And I like to stand apart from the crowd.
Therefore, I would be truly interested in what color post-it note people would want to be, and why, in fact, they choose that particular color.
Have I confused anyone yet?