I know it's April and I also know that I've never made a New Year's Resolution in my entire life, but I think one is due. Since moving back home, it's hardly a secret that, I've put on a few pounds. I mean, can I really help it if my parents keep a constant supply of Double Stuffed Oreo's that are constantly calling out to me to come bask in all of their DOUBLE the cream filling glory? Ok, so I haven't been that active lately either. Here's the plan. I resolve to lose 10 pounds by June 1st. I now weigh in at *yuck* 132 lbs. By June 1st I shall be 122 lbs. I just did a search and found out that the "ideal weight" for a girl my height is between 110 and 141 lbs. I think 122 lbs would be just lovely.
Now, I did have a gym membership in January, and I went every day for a couple weeks (before moving, and being too lazy to drive all the way to the gym). I lost about 5 pounds or more in those 2 weeks, so I'm pretty confident that I can lose 10 in 6 weeks. I'll be running on the treadmill, jumping rope, and doing pilates daily. I have a set of 8 pound weights, but they are way too heavy for me (I'm weak and out of shape), but I'll try to work up the strength and get them into my workout somehow. I'm also in the market for purchasing a bike. A road bike, and a stylish helmet, of course. If anyone has any good suggestions, please drop them in my comments box. Rock on.