Today is a good day.

I just got back from the bank where I had a pleasant experience. Yep, that's right, I said PLEASANT experience. I was walking from my car to the bank and there was this older man also walking towards the door. He randomly shouted across the parking lot, "I'm going to get there first", meaning to the door. I said, "Ok, I'll race you", and he made like he was about to start running. Then we wound up getting to the door at the same time when he politely opened it for me and said, "after you" accompanied with a sly hand gesture. The bank manager was standing by the door, so this guy says to him "I'm here for the free money, you're giving out money today, right?" He was so jovial and playful and happy. Good to see. He elevated my mood from ok, to fantastic, then I passed my huge smile on to the bank teller, and I'm sure she passed hers on to someone else. See what effect a little bit of cheerfullness can have on a mundane errand like a bank run. Chain-reaction-style goodness.