traffic hullabaloo

i experienced something truly amazing this morning. i woke up feeling well rested. i woke up almost a full hour before my alarm went off, and i was wide awake, ready for the day. now, seeing as i went to bed 4 hours later than i usually do, this is all a puzzle to me. not one of those easy, say, one hundred piece puzzles, but a whopping 1,000 piece puzzle of a snow covered forrest. that's they type of puzzle i'm talking about. for all those who know me well, you'll know that suzy goes to bed at around 9pm on a normal week night. perhaps i've been sleeping too much? less than 5 hours of sleep and i don't even feel like i need any coffee. madness.

perhaps i can account for my happy morning by reflecting on my happy night. i had a wonderful night (aside from the attempt at being civil with my ex, only to end things on a bitter, bitter, sour, nasty note--as per usual). I went up to good ole stony brook to see the movie "Sideways" which was playing at the Staller Centre. I got to campus way early, so i tried to meet up with raed ahead of schedule. unfortunately i was greeted with his voicemail. to sum it all up, the rest of the night went like this: found a parking space in the loop where i racked up $500+ in parking tickets over my 3 years as an art student, called olesya, was invited to olesya's house, went to her house, chatted it up, stole her away from her man, went back to campus, met up with raed (who snuck us into the movie for FREE), watched the film, laughed a little, frowned a little, came away feeling strangely satisfied, headed to the university cafe, met up an old friend (claudio), chit-chatted for a few, dropped off olesya, taught raed how to pump gas in the rain, dropped off raed, drove home in the, at times, pouring rain while successfully avoiding falling asleep behind the wheel, put my pj's on, crawled into bed, read a little vonnegut, crashed at around 1 am. good times, with good people. i've really been enjoying Raed and Olesya lately, i wish i had enjoyed them more while i was in school. they are both very interesting people.

this morning i was driving behind one of those people who put a shit-load of stuffed animals in the back window of their car. what is that? can someone explain this to me? crap. i find it to be the least visually stimulating thing i can desire to see at 7am. it makes me want to vomit. good thing i was in a bopping good mood courtesy of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and the Talking Heads. Early morning mixed cds are the way to get to work.