You can take this one all the way to the bank.

I never use that saying.

While waiting in line at the bank, oh, I'd say about 17-22 minutes ago, I witnessed something truly upsetting. Now, I know, standing in line at the bank is quite upsetting to begin with, but to top things off I happened to be staring out the window when I watched something horrific happen. No, not a car accident, and no, a baby bird did not fly directly into the glass (which is so dirty I'm sure that never a bird would have been so stupid). I watched helplessly as this heffer of a girl, dressed in a Big Lots vest and stretch pants, ripped open her new pack of Newports and threw the plastic coating on the sidewalk without a hint of care. She more like casually dropped it to her side, and never looked back. Gross. Now, if you know me well, I'm a pro at acting upon my convictions. There would have been quite a scene if I hadn't been next in line. It took every inch of self-control in my person to not run out of the bank and make the girl pick it up and throw it in the trash receptacle that she so happened was WALKING RIGHT PAST when this horrible act of environmental defacement took place. All I have to say is she's damn lucky I hate the bank as much as I do, or else I probably wouldn't have minded waiting in line all over again (after making an enormous scene, of course). In hind sight I wish I would have done something. Eh, I'm sure there will be other chances to flex my "give a hoot, don't pollute" muscles.