Kickball Monday.

Last night, a group of my friends from college (Stony Brook Art Department), and some other random folk got together and organized a game of kickball. My team, decked out in pink and purple tie-dye and knee-high socks, hit the field with beer in hand. Let me tell you, we kicked some ass. Despite getting kicked off of one well manicured field by an adult softball league, the passing rain showers, the humidity, the bugs, and the two obstacles (Shamis the golden retriever and little Sammy), we were quite the athletes, well, at least for the first inning or so. Nevertheless, it rocked, and I can't wait until next week. Everyone is invited! So, come!

~Anna and I trying to cut our XL shirts so that we weren't swimming in them
~Singing Happy Birthday to Scott (even though nobody really sang)
~Erin's spill over Shamis; He took her out, but she's awesome and got right up.
~Melissa dropping to her bare knees and throwing herself in front of the ball, every time.
~Kate getting in Alex's face.
~The boys sneaking up on the girls from behind to peg them (we'll get them back).
~Scotty's infield homerun.
~Monkey in the middle.
~Kate being well prepared with the yummy scented Off spray.
~Wearing tie-dye to Billy's afterward.
~The look on everyone's face when all of us sweaty tie-dye wearing fools walked into Billy's.
~Getting dirty, period.