While lazily flipping through the newspaper yesterday morn I ran into the obituary page and was compelled to read the lines below the faces of those who can no longer look back at me. A huge rush of emotion rushed over me as I read about their accomplishments and their survivors. Then I glanced over to the right of the page. This is the part of the obituaries that reads like the classified section. It's where people talk to the dead. I began reading..."To Tommy on his 3rd year in heaven. We miss you more every day. Love, Mom Dad and Gina". I've always been an emotional person, but after reading this I couldn't stop the tears from falling. These people miss their loved ones so much that they take out an ad in the local paper acknowledging their anniversary in "heaven". I'm terrible at losing. I hold on to things so dearly, but would I put an ad in the paper? It makes you wonder. With all the universe at his finger tips, is Tommy really sitting in "heaven" enjoying the Monday, July 4, 2005 issue of Newsday? If I were him, I'd go with something more along the lines of the Times or the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Unless, of course, we're sent to the long island version of "heaven", in which case Newsday is probably the most affordable and accessible. Made on lawg island, by lawg islanders. Only the long ones...only the long ones.
What can I say, I'm sensitive. I'm also intrigued by peoples beliefs in "heaven". Something to mull over on a dreary Tuesday.