Thunder Cats.

This weekend, despite the really crappy weather, ruled. Saw "March of the Penguins" Friday night. It was better than great. The story is so touching! I love Emperor penguins. Attempted to see the Philharmonic on Saturday. Their instruments were getting too wet from the moisture soaked air, so they had to stop playing. Boo! Then the finale, the fireworks by Grucci, was a big waste of time. Due to the humidity, and the thickness of the air, all you could see was the firework shoot up in the air...the part where it explodes...nothing. All you saw was the sky light up a mucky shade of red or white. It was hilarious, a bit of a bummer, but hilarious. Then Sunday, man, Sunday was "what it is". Didn't get to see the Brazilian Girls, but caught a glimpse of the Opera "Samson and Delilah". Great stuff. Really, really, really great stuff. Also, picked up a new addiction...Atari. Whoop!