Why am I such an amateur knitter?

Monday night I began knitting the Broad Street mittens. With some help from Jen (and her size 2 dpn's) things got off to a great start. I finished the cuff and the increase for the palm, and was up to the crazy thumb increase when I decided the yarn I was using was not going to cut it. Unfortunately, I was using Wool-Ease when the pattern calls for sock weight yarn. Doh!! I really thought I was going to get away with it, but nope, no cigar. It's getting frogged today on my lunch break. No worries though, Jen and I went to AC Moore last night, and I got what should be the right yarn to get those suckers done. Damn-it. Christmas knitting is stressful. I did manage to get one gift done during the Giants game this weekend. Granted, it was a quick, easy knit, but hey, at least something is completed. Let's see what else I have to finish before December 25th...

2 more scarves
Broadstreet Mittens
Bottle cozy
Miniature (either) stockings, sweaters, or mittens

I also have to make my Christmas cards. Fortunately, Jen and I came up with a genius plan to get some of this crap done. We booked a hotel room in Montauk for one Saturday night at the beginning of December. We're heading out there with our crafts and (hopefully) coming home with a whole lot accomplished. Sure, we'll probably paint the town red (it is a Saturday night!), but I think we'll be very productive with nothing around to distract us, ie. boys, the half penny pub, and all things familiar. Maybe we should leave our darts home Jen? nah, why would we want to do a silly thing like that... ;)

Oh, I'm so happy it's almost the weekend. Yay!