And it's Monday again.


Friday Night:

5:30pm - Mizu Sushi, Crunchy roll take-out
6:00pm - Arrive at Lotus Tattoo
7:00pm - Begin getting tattooed
8:30pm - Finish my 14th sitting (nope, still not done)
9:00pm - Home, change.
9:30pm - Jen's. She cleaned me up, and got me drunk on wine. Love her.
10:00pm - Arrive at the pub.
10:01pm - Mind eraser. Jen, Suzy, Julia, and Elizabeth. (see photo in previous post)
- Here's where the night becomes blurry -
oh, that's right.
7 & 7's.
Winning at darts with my new partner half-penny-sayville-bartender-irish-Chris.
Winning at darts with Camilli against Jen and Al.
Baby Guinness.
Losing at darts to Camilli. (2-9, I know. Good thing I can still romp him in backgammon.)
After that I was a mess. I remember that much.

12:45pm - Wake-up! (I know! We never sleep that late!)
1:30ish - Peter Pan Diner.
3ish - Jen's to pick up my car and chit chat about our fun Friday night.
3:30 - Home, rush, want to get to the chess store before it closes at 5.
4:15 - Camilli comes to pick me up. I decide it's too late for the chess store. (there's always next weekend)
My parents came home and we played Briscola. (Italian card game with partners)
Wine, chips, fun times.
10pm - Back at Camilli's.
12pm - Saturday night bonfire is becoming a tradition. SO FUN!
2am - Cigarello's and a 40 0f Coors light.
3am - Wales Tales. (who starts drinking games at this hour?)
4am? - Sleep.


11ish - get up.
12ish - Anthony's little brothers come over for the football game.
Bagels, Football, Fun.
Giants lose.
Starbucks for Egg Nog Latte.
Mama Santina's for specialty pizza.
Jet's lose.
Couch time.
Ali G.
Serious conversations.
1am - Go home.
2am - Go to bed.

I woke up at 7am. I'm exhausted. Can't wait for next weekend.