What can I say.

I felt extremely busy this weekend.

Friday night:

My mother and I really enjoyed the play. We had really low expectations, so we were surprised when we both wanted to stay after intermission. We got into the city at 5pm, took the subway one stop to Times Square and dined at the Hard Rock Cafe (poor service). We arrived for the play super early, so we wasted time by buying some starbucks latte's that we both wound up throwing out after 2 or 3 sips. The play started at 8 and we were out of there by a quarter to 11. After a quick subway/metro-card debacle, we were arrived at Penn with 20 minutes to spare until our 11:29pm train to Babylon. I took a nice cat nap on the train, and awoke in time to de-board at Babylon where my Father was waiting to pick us up. I got home, cleaned up (I always feel so greasy after being in the city), and was off to the pub. I was so happy to see Anthony ;) and Jen and the crew. I played some darts, drank some beer, did a shot, and had some good clean fun.


Woke up early, again. I don't understand why I only let myself sleep 4 hours on the weekend. Ran home real quick to shower, then picked up Anthony and went to the Stony Brook football game against Wagner. It was a gorgeous day, had to be around 70 degrees. I can't believe it's November. It was a good game, I suppose. More like a good game between two bad teams. Does that make any sense? In any case, Stony Brook won, so that was nice. We got back and mutually agreed that we needed a nap. It was a nice nap. We woke up and played name that tune. Anthony was playing his electric guitar, acoustically, and I had to guess the song. It was fun. Then we ordered pizza, a white pie with broccoli. So yummy. I ran home real quick, picked up some 40's on my way back, and we had a nice bonfire in his yard. We played the movie game. It's tough being the only girl in the movie game. I was careful not to name any chick flicks, but they didn't take it easy on me at all. I've never seen most of the movies they named. I have to brush up on that. All in all it was a nice day that turned into a nice night.


Slept a little later than usual. Went home, showered, and put my Jet's jersey on. I picked up some bagels and headed to Jen's house for some breakfast/girl talk/knitting/football. Yes, we did all of these. I was home for dinner at 4 with the grandma's and Melissa and Guy. It was nice. In between I proceeded to make a fool out of myself, yet again, but eh, c'est la vie, right? After dinner I decided I needed a change, so I went and got hair dye and poof, made my hair black. I haven't had black hair in at least 3 years. Then, I was off to Kito's house in E. Setauket. What a hike. It was for a going away get together for Megan who is moving to Wyoming on Tuesday. Megan is the sweetest gal, and I wish her all the best, I just wish that I got to see more of her when she was here. Aside from Kiesha, she's probably the best girl friend I made during my years at Stony Brook, and I cherish that friendship to no end. She's been there for me through a lot, and I owe her a million thank you's for her patience. At least now I have a really good reason to go to Wyoming. I also got to catch up with the crew, Scotty, Kiesha, Kate, Pedro, Kevin, Chris Cooke, and Ana. It was so nice to see everyone. I've said this before and I'll say it again and again, I love my friends. They're truly some of the best people in the universe. I was home by 12:15, and I uploaded all of my pics to Flickr. Take a look.

All in all, it was a good weekend. This week should be interesting. I have to get more blood work done so they can figure out what is going on with my throat, seeing as the strep tests keep coming back negative. Nope, not mono either. Personally, I think it's glandular, but my thyroid and everything tested out fine too. We'll see. I also have what should be my last tattoo appointment this Friday night. I'm terrified. We've saved the worst for last, my sides directly on my rib cage. owie. Why a Friday night, you ask? Well, because it's kind of hard to wear a bra over an open wound, and I hate going to work looking like more of a scrub than I already do. I figured I'd give it the weekend to scab up a little bit. We'll see how that works out. Oh, of course there'll be knitting on Thursday, where I'll work on the scarf I'm knitting for my sister that's already been frogged once. I just worked on it at lunch and I'm thinking that I might start over, yet again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Tuesday movie night tradition isn't broken. I really just want to cuddle with Anthony. I don't care if he makes me watch Zoolander, or even Contact for that matter. ;) Early tomorrow night I'm going to a candle party that my cousin is hosting. I'm dragging Jen along with me. I really can't stand those parties, but I thought it might be a good way to get a jump on my Christmas shopping. We'll see.

I want to go away for the weekend. Any weekend, as long as it's soon. I want to stay out in Montauk, just for one night. Just to get away. Anyone want to join me?