Jen yelled at me.

Well, she didn't quite yell. She wrote me an email and firmly asked me why I haven't been updating my blog. I told her the truth which was that I've been busy at work, and there's usually a bunch of people in the office. I don't feel right updating my blog with a bunch of eyes in plain sight of my screen (although it is at an incredibly high resolution, I can barely see what I'm writing). So much to catch up on, so here we go. Why don't I do it in list form? Or stream of conscious form? How about a little of both? K.

Well, let me start with Thanksgiving weekend, seeing as that seems to be where I left off. It was marvelous. You can always go check out my photos on flickr, but I seemed to have also posted a few below. It went a little something like this:

Wednesday Night:
I remember Jen and I hit the Peter Pan diner. I have no recollection what I ate. I'm sure it was yummy. We got to Camilli's by 9. (and I know it's funny that I call my boyfriend by his last name sometimes, but that's how I was introduced to him, and it sort of stuck). We were supposed to play Pictionary, but that never happened. Instead we started drinking, immediately. I think it was Vodka and some yummy type of fruit juice. It was Anthony, Jen, Dan, Santana, and myself. We started playing drinking games. "Fuck the Dealer". Cute. Then Fernando showed up. We continued playing. Then Doug and Buster stopped by. Still playing drinking games. We disbursed and Jen and I hit the dart board, while the boys played instruments and sang good ol' 90's tunes. We called a cab and waited, and waited and waited, until it finally arrived around 12:30. WE HAD JIMMY THE SINGING CAB DRIVER!!! We sang "Goodie, Goodie" on the way to the pub. Got to the pub. It was so crowded that they wouldn't let us play darts. Finally, when a couple people left, we got Sean to agree to let us play darts. Pretty dangerous. Pretty fun. We drank, played darts, and that's all I remember about that night.


Thanksgiving. Went home. Got pretty. Went to my Aunt's. Ate. Knitted. Watched football. Left. Went home and napped. Woke-up, went to the pub. Chilled with Jen, Erik, Mike, Joe, Pete, Matt, Lauri, Bennett...I can't remember. Played darts. Drank. Anthony picked me up around one, but not before some creepy Asian guy talked my ear off and tried to give me a ride home. Gross.

Friday: Oh, man, Friday.
Spent the day with Anthony.
Doing nothing.
It was great.
Because he's great.

Went home.
I was home for about 10 minutes.
Jen came to pick me up.
Went for manicures.
Bought some liquor.
Had an egg nog latte.
Back to Jen's.

People started coming over.
We started having a party.
There was drinking out of a vase.
There was cards.
There was lots of people in her apartment.
My friends from Stony Brook showed up!!
They never even show to my parties!!
It was radical.
We got wasted.
Invented a new drink.
Vodka, Peach Schnapps, and White Grape Juice.
Went to the pub.
Didn't drink anything.
Played darts.
Then had some lovely one on one time with Jen.
In the ladies room.
We left through the back gate like rock stars.
All in all, it was a very interesting night.

Spent the majority of the day lounging around.
Anthony made egg sandwiches for breakfast.
Huge egg sandwiches.
We went to Barnes and Noble.
Picked up Hand Knit holidays.
Then we went to the movies.
Walk the Line.
So good.
Then we came home. For a sec.
Went back out for Pizza at Mulberry Street.
Back home.
And while Anthony was preparing for the Saturday night bonfire.
I passed out.
Never went outside for the fire.
Slept all night.


Woke up.
Went home for a bit to have dinner.
Jen accompanied me.
Back to Anthony's for more Football and knitting.
I can't remember.

Last week was nothing special.
Anthony left for Miami on Thursday morning, but we had an awesome night on Wednesday. I was totally bummed without him here, but this is how that went:

Thursday night:

Knitting at Panera. Darts at the pub. Jen was sick so I played with Elizabeth. We got our butts whooped by a Marine sniper. He sure had some good aim. Jerk.

Friday night:

Napped. Then I was a bad friend and made Jen come out even though she was sick. Drank. Played darts at the pub. Oh, hit myself in the forehead with a dart. Ouch. Was told I look like Gina Gershan. I still don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Went home early. Was in Jen's bed by 2am.


Our excursion to Montauk for crafting. We left the Islip area at 11ish. Stopped at Joanne's then some rad bookstore in Patchogue that sells discount books. Picked up some good stuff. Out to Montauk. We got there by 2. Settled into our room. Began knitting a scarf for my Grandma. Made some cards. Jen wasn't feeling well, so I went out to eat some pizza solo. Hit the IGA. Picked up some stuff for sick people. Got some Peach Lambic and went back to the room. We took a drive out to the point. It was dark and creepy, but the stars were phenomenal. Came back, made some more cards, then knitted some more. Watched the World Poker Tour with Gus Hansen. YES! Elizabeth showed up around midnight. We knitted, chatted. Went to bed.


Woke up to the first snow!!! Yay! Packed up and drove out to the point once again! Drove home. Watched the Giants victory over the Cowboys while knitting! Napped during the Jet's loss. I'm a huge fan. Woke up, did laundry. Posted pics. Missed Anthony. Missed him a lot. Then missed him some more. Went to bed.

Now, here is where things start getting good...

It'll be in my next post. Promise.