Why am I at work today? This is silly. I have absolutely no work to do. Just sitting here, going brain dead via the wonderful www, and breaking every now and then to frustrate myself with this ridiculous Broad Street Mitten pattern. My fingers hurt from knitting so much. Isn't that silly? Obviously, the word of the day is "silly". Oh, I'll tell you what else is kind of silly...get this...

So my brother was on his way home from Pittsburgh, dragging the gut down good ol' I-80, when, half-way between here and there, he smells something funky. Turns out, his transmission decided to go Kaput! right there. Right smack dab in the middle of Pennsyltucky. That poor kid. He can't catch a break with cars. It's a 2002 Jimmy for Christs sake!! So, he got a tow, and now he's sitting there in the middle of east bumble fuck waiting to pay $2000.00 for a new one. My father and my sisters fiance went to meet him at 6am. They didn't get there until around 10am. Now they're all just waiting for it to be finished so they can all make the 4 hour drive home. Ok, so not so silly, more like really, really annoying. Did I mention that I'm super siked to see him!! Oh, I am! We're going to have so much fun, which leads me to my next paragraph.

Tonight, Jen is having a Holiday Cocktailgating party. I'm so, so, so super excited. It begins at 8:30 and this is how I presume the night will unfold:

7pm - Drag my bro (who will hopefully be home by then) over to Jen's to help move furniture and do other things we need a big strong man to do.
7:15pm - Get pretty at Jen's place.
8:00pm - Help Jen be the bestest hostess ever by finalizing all party essentials.
8:30pm - Begin partying like a rock star.
These things should happen:

Drinking wine
Drinking egg nog
Drinking liquor
Drinking beer
Playing drinking games
Avoiding the "Big Girl Glass"
Having tons of fun

We should be heading out to the pub by 11:30 or so. That's when we get our extremely drunk dart game on, and pretend like we can drink more, only to realize that we might die if we do so.

Oh, did I tell you that I have the worst head cold ever. EVER!! I feel rotten, but not as rotten as I have felt the past two days, so that's good. Cold medicine and alcohol. Should be a fun night (if I don't end up in the hospital).

What else.

Oh yeah, Christmas. That's coming soon. 2 days. Ok. I'm almost done. I wrapped a lot last night, and I'm putting the finishing touches on some knitted gifts. We'll see who gets completed projects, and who'll have to wait. All pics will be up after I have given the gifts to their recipients. I hope they like them!! I've been stressing myself out, hardcore, about knitting. So silly.



Back to it.