Lost weekend.

This weekend was both awful and fabulous, but I won't get into the awful part too much. I will say that I left work at noon on Friday because I was feeling, well, awful. I woke up with a sore throat, and it just got worse from there. I vegged on the couch for the remainder of the day, while slipping in and out of consciousness, and forever contemplating picking up my knitting, but never actually doing it. Sometimes you're just too sick to knit. Am I right?

Anywho. I wound up not going out Friday night and I left poor Jen to fend for herself at the pub. I'm so bummed that I missed it, but I was way to sick to go out and play. After a long night of something I'd rather not talk about, I wound up in bed around 1 am, but not before finishing some slipper booties I made for my mom for her birthday while watching Silence of the Lambs. (I'll post the pics tonight). I messed with this pattern (she picked it out), and borrowed some size 13 dpn's, SIZE 13 DPN'S!!!!, from Nancy at SnB Thursday night. It was my first ever sock like pattern, and although I was freaked out when I got to the point where the heal turns, Dani reassured me that everything was going fine, and that it would all come together in the end. It sure did, and I got two (not of equal size) chunky maroon booties to prove it. Turns out, my mother loves them, and I'm quite proud of myself for getting them done so quickly.

As for the missing mitten. Well, it's still missing. I searched high and low for a total of about 6 hours last week, and it's just nowhere. Total bummer. So I started on a new one. Booooo. Did I tell you I'm never knitting anything on size 2 dpn's with sock weight yarn again? I'm not. I don't think my hands can take it. Cramping. Ouch. I'm hoping they'll be done by the end of the week. We'll see how motivated I am.

Oh! So my secret date with Anthony went like this:
Unfortunately, I was still feeling very under the weather, but I wasn't going to let anything stop me from going forth with the things I had planned for this day. We definitely needed the alone time together and it was totally worth it. I love that man so freekin much I feel like shouting it from the roof tops. Constantly. Anywho, this is how it unfolded.

We set out around 11am. We headed to Best Bargain Books on Hospital Rd in Patchogue. We spent a good hour or more there. Anthony picked up an Idiot's guide to Chess or something like that for one of his buddies that he's trying to teach. I got a huge Marilyn Monroe book with amazing photographs for my mom for her birthday.

After that my plan was to go to the movies, but nothing was really playing at the theatre I had a gift certificate to, and it was such a gorgeous day that sitting in a dark theater didn't really sound too fun. So we headed into the town of Patchogue and stopped at the good will, and two other thrift shops. Anthony bought this awesome beige corduroy blazer with the elbow patches. He looks soooooo good in it. He calls it his professor jacket. So cute.

We then headed over to my most favorite sushi restaurant, Mizu Sushi, in Bayport. It was good because I had a gift certificate that Scott got me for my birthday that I kept losing, so I finally found it and used it. We ate edemame, a house salad with ginger dressing, tuna carpacio, and I got a couple of crunchy rolls and he had a sushi dinner with a variety of sushi and a california roll. We were stuffed.

We then headed up to Port Jeff, but first stopped at Selden Thrift, which was on the way. We didn't buy anything there, but they did have a cute little blue corduroy backgammon board. Back into the car, and heading north on 112 we almost passed Northern Thrift, but quickly decided we should hit one last thrift shop before making it down port. We browsed for a bit, but didn't buy anything there either.

We got into port jeff around 5 and had an hour to kill before the opening reception for Gallery 4222's new show, so we decided to walk around town. We stopped in the smoke shop up there and I bought a bunch of empty cigar boxes (I LOVE THEM!!) for a buck each, and the money goes to charity! I was siked! We browsed through the little mall-like place they had there and contemplated painting some pottery, but it could have gotten a little expensive, and neither of us were out to spend that much money. We left there and headed up to the used book store where I bought two Anias Nin books that I didn't have and Anthony bought his 85th copy of Cosmos by Carl Sagen. Seriously, he has so many copies. I started reading it a couple of nights ago, and I can see why. We still had a few minutes to kill so we went to Starbucks where I had a Soy Chai tea latte and he had some sort of red tea. We decided to do Newsday's 6 star suduko puzzle, and we wound up messing up the first one, so Anthony bought another paper and we wound up finishing it, which was not an easy feat. It was the first time I had ever done one of those and I am now completely obsessed with them. I did yesterday's 1 star in under 5 minutes (I know, it was only 1 star). Anthony got a 1924 penny with his change and he looked it up on the internet and found out it was worth way more than one cent. That's always fun!!

We finally made it to the art show around 7:30 and it was quite a reception!! Scott, John, Ester-Marie, Pedro, Yukito, Daryl, Alex, Stelios, Chris Cooke, and many others all had one piece in the show titled "Interpreting the Self". That gallery is really quite classy. I'm so proud of my friends for opening and maintaining such a wonderful space. They're all going to be famous someday. Really.

We were home around 9:30 and just exhausted from the day. We watched the end of Forrest Gump and I proceeded to cry my eyes out. Seriously, how can you not cry at the end of that movie. I was weeping. We were in bed by 11, and if it weren't for some rowdy sweet 16 party going on at the American Legions hall across the street, it would have been the perfect end to the perfect day. Stupid hooligans shouting and fighting in the street until 2:30am. Sometimes, I'm not so siked to live on Main Street.

Sunday was my Mom's birthday. We had a pizza party and cake. Anthony brought her flowers, how adorable is he? It was a fun night. Dayquil was my best friend this weekend, and Tylenol Sinus has quickly stepped in for the past couple of days. Unfortunately, my head still feels like it's going to explode, so I'll keep you updated if that does, in fact, happen.

Back to work.