New Year Newness.

I'm so happy to say that Jen and I started the new year out right. We moved into our new apartment on Main Street in Bay Shore on Friday, and the fun hasn't stopped since. Granted, moving, not so fun, but overall we've been living it up. Let my break it down like I usually do.

Friday. 12/30/05

I took the day off of work because we were meeting with the Landlord at 1pm to sign the lease. I woke up around 8 and started packing up my bedroom at my parents house. Thank god my brother was home to help out, because I sure needed the muscle. I met Jen at 1 in front of the Century 21 building on Main Street for our appointment to sign the lease. We were simultaneously nervous and excited and anticipating as many great things as our brains would let us. We signed the lease, paid up our rent and security, and were handed the keys to our place. Just like that, and we wasted not one second on moving in.

Let me give you a little perspective on the layout of the place. Actually, let me draw you a picture, because that's fun...

Click on it to see it better.

So there it is. The place it gigantic. I couldn't be more siked about it.

So all day Friday was spent going back and forth moving stuff up the 2 flights of stairs. We were total champs. Then, Friday night came along and we had our inaugural walk to the Pub, which is only about 3 blocks away. The walk wasn't half as bad as we thought it was going to be, and we got a nice tour of the town on our way over there. We only stayed out until around 1:30 because we were just completely exhausted from moving (the alcohol didn't help much either). We walked home and thought it would be a fun idea to make snow angels on our wood floor while in our pajamas, eating cold pizza, drinking Corona, and trying to teach Jen how to play backgammon. Needless to say, our attention spans were not as long as they could have been, so we wound up just sitting in our windows and watching the drunk people walk by. All in all, it was great fun.

Saturday 12.31.05

We woke up at a decent time, and began getting things done. Anthony was a sweetheart (like usual) and went out to get us bagels. We ate bagels then out the door we went to buy a couch. We picked up my mother and headed to the JC Penny home store. We walked in. Sat on three couches, picked one, paid the lady, bought some blinds, bought some bathroom things, and were out of there super quick. Our couch is awesome!! I can't wait to get it on Tuesday. Whoop! We then came home, and within 10 minutes Jen's Mom, Step-Father, and Amber came by to see the place. They then took us out to dinner to the Old Country Buffet. HOLY COW. Why isn't every restaurant a Buffet? Why? It was so yum!! We headed home and tried to take a quick nap before the New Years Eve festivities began. I'm not really sure that I slept a wink, but it was nice to lay down for a sec.

We got to Anthony's around 8:00. Just in time for the Giants game. We watched the game, drank some alcohol, and witnessed almost 30 people walk through the front door. I'm telling ya, that guy knows how to throw a party. The night was crazy. Everyone had an awesome time. I don't even remember the ball dropping (might be because we were watching it on ESPN), but I was sooooo happy that last year is now in the past, and that's it. Seeing as it was a rough year for both Jen and I, we're so happy to be able to refer to the last 12 months as "last year". I can't really describe it in words, but it's a breath of relief. Wooh.

Sunday 1/1/06

I woke up at Anthony's around 1. Everyone else had gone home and it was time to clean up. Jen came by to pick me up because lord knows we had tons of stuff to do. We helped Anthony a bit, then headed home to continue with the moving process. I can't really remember what we did, but I know we went to my Mom's later that night for dinner. Then we went to Target for some necessities. Oh, that's right, then we managed to head back down to the pub for a game or two of darts. OHHHH, THAT'S RIGHT!!! I BEAT ANTHONY!! WHOOP! We were home fairly early, and that was that.

Monday 1/2/06

We both woke up early and headed to our old places to move more stuff to our new places. Did some of that, then went to the rug store with my mother and bought a pretty nice rug, for a fairly decent price. Then we all went to Linens and Things and picked up more necessities. I really can't remember what I did after that. Hm. Oh yeah. Brendan and Erik stopped by. We met our neighbor Ivan, whom we both met somewhere before. We got things done...then...um...oh, wait. That was Sunday. Shit. I have all my days mixed up. I have no idea what we did after linens and things. Oops.

Yeah, so that's the story of the big moving weekend. Seeing as I still don't have a bar to hang clothes from in my closet, a lot of my stuff is still at my parents house. All in all, the place is really starting to come together, and I'm super excited about our housewarming party on the 21st. Don't miss it.

I'm sure there will be many more adventures in moving. Please stay tuned...