I live.

Update? Why not?

Hm. I suppose I left off about two months ago. Wow, imagine if I kept up that exercise routine? I would look like a completely different person. Ok, well, maybe not. Turns out that I lost 5 pounds without doing any exercise at all. All I had to do was change my pill to a Lo-Hormone dose (you wanted to know). Anywho, I feel way better all around because of the new pill, and I wore a bikini all vacation without even thinking twice about it. Ohhhh, Vacation! Let’s discuss…

Brodie and I were in dire need of a little get away, and we wanted to bring Dylan and not spend too much money. Our solution? We drove down to Florida to visit his father and Ramona. It was a blast, and I spent all of $150.00 on the entire trip! Buddy and Ramona were gracious enough to put us up for a few days, and they even watched Dylan for us as we spent our days laying on the beach or driving through safaris. Whoop! We left 4/4/07, at 3pm and arrived in Lake Worth, FL at 10:30am Thursday morning. This is how it went from there:

Thursday 4/5/07
-Ate at Denny’s
-Went out by the pool to sleep in the sun
-It was so hot! So I spent most of the time swimming.
-Being unable to sleep in the heat, Brodie and I both showered and napped in bed.
-Ramona cooked White Bean and Escarole Pasta Faigole!!!!!!
-We ate like champs, then watched Casino Royale, then went to bed.

Friday 4/6/07
-Slept in.
-Ramona made us egg sandwiches for breakfast.
-We left Dylan with Buddy, and went to the Lion Country Safari, a drive through safari about 20 miles away.
-The safari was soooooo much fun!!!
-Then we walked through the rest of the park.
-I got to see a sloth!!! A two toed sloth!!! Sloths are my absolute favorite. I was in heaven.
-We attempted to feed giraffes, but they weren’t hungry.
-Did I mention I saw a sloth?
-We ate expensive amusement park lunches.
-We wore sunscreen like responsible people.
-We took silly pictures.
-On the way back to Lake Worth we stopped at Jamba Juice and drank fantastic smoothies.
-Back at the condo we prepared for Ramona’s special dinner…
-We dined on the best king crab I’ve ever tasted!
-We watched The Good Shepard, and went to bed.

Oh, I might mention that both of these nights included lots of cocktails. Mainly, Martinis.

Saturday 4/7/07
-Slept in again.
-Ate cherrios.
-Went to the beach. The perfect, 75 degree, white sand, blue ocean beach.
-Came home and Brodie and Buddy went to play golf while Ramona and I layed by the pool.
-Brodie and I decided we should take Buddy and Ramona out to dinner (both of their birthdays were in March), so we went to this awesome Mexican place called Rosalita’s!!!!
-Ramona was driving, so she brought us to this ourdoor dance bar called Panama Hatties.
-We all danced to Regaee music and drank our respective drinks.
-Home and to bed.

Sunday 4/8/07
Easter Sunday
-Brodie and I hit the beach early in the day. It was perfect! Almost nobody there!
-Then we went to Boca Raton to celebrate Easter Sunday with Brodie’s father’s cousins, who also happen to be my father’s friends from growing up. (Yes. Very weird connection that we didn’t figure out until we were dating for many months.) It was awesome! Everyone was so nice and had so many stories about my parents growing up. I learned that my father’s nickname was nytol because he used to work so hard during the day that when he went out at night he would fall asleep, be it at a concert or a party or anywhere. Everyone was tons of fun! We were able to bring Dylan, and there was another yorkie named Misty there, so they had a blast! The food was fantastic! I came in 6th out of 14 in our poker game. It was a super nice time.
-We got home late and went to bed.

Monday 4/9/07
-Beach day!!!!
-We got up early and hit the road to find a different beach. We wound up finding some sort of state park where the beach was practically empty and there were no lifeguards on duty. Brodie almost got eaten by a shark while I soaked up the sun. We rented kayaks and took them out for an hour. It was so quiet, so wonderful, but so windy! Man it was hard rowing against the wind! It was so great.
-We came home and showered and packed.
-Ramona made another surprise dinner of Mussels and Ravioli!!!! Oh man, it was insanely scrumptious! Two of my favorites!
-And then, sadly, we hit the road around 8pm.

We drove through the night, into the cold, and arrived back to a quite chilly Bay Shore at 3:30pm on Tuesday. We unpacked like champs and relaxed for the rest of the evening, dreading going to work the next day, but completely excited and thankful for such a wonderful trip, and for the love. Man do I love him. A perfect road trip/beach vacation with my two favorite boys; I got it made in the shade.

Here are the pics!