Being hysterical will only get you so far.

Sometimes you just have to suck it up, and live with those things which you have no control over. I'm tired of kicking and screaming. I'm tired of being honest about my feelings and my hopes and dreams, only to have them not taken seriously enough. It's time to relax, breathe, live, and remember that this is my life, I must take hold of the things that make me happy, and be appreciative. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is why I'm so good with money and savings? Maybe it's my job to help others who need it? Maybe there's some fatty reward in the end for always being so good. I sure hope so, because I'm going through hell.

Sorry to be so vague. I just don't want to tarnish anyone's image.

In any case, I've always been the optimist. Let's make a list of things that have made me happy today:

.Dylan trying to kiss me even after I tried to hide under the sheets.
.My roommates ball winder, what a wonderful invention.
.Having to courage to ask for time off, even when I get shit for it.
.I'M GOING TO NASHVILLE WITH KATE!!!! (more on this in a sec).
.The biggest, juiciest, most wonderful apple that I just ate.
.Darjeeling Tea.
.Getting truck loads of work done before lunchtime.
.Laying in the grass at the park on my lunch break.
.Seeing a plane formation fly overhead.
.Brodie's phone call, not even an hour into my workday.
.Realizing I have less than two hours left of my workday.