I guess I win.

I've been searching for those Iron and Wine tickets ever since I didn't get them for my birthday (although I did get tickets to MARY POPPINS, and it was supercalifragalisticexpialidocious - sorry, I had to)...So I've been searching for tickets to what TICKETMASTER has been telling me is a SOLD OUT show since this past Friday.

I was just about to buy them on craigslist when I decided to check ticketmaster one last time and...

Wouldn't you know. 2 tickets. Loge 2 (center stage) Seats 1 & 2. WHAT? I'm pretty confident that these are the BEST seats in the house! Seat Advisor pretty much said so! Holy freakin moly, I am sooooooooo sooooooooo thrilled about this! Whoop whoop!