Election Day!

I had something else to do in the wee hours of this morning before work (mainly sleep), so I'll be going to vote circa 4:30pm with, surely, the rest of my town!

Go Team!!!!!!

In other news...

I had an intense weekend.

Friday night I went to a wedding with Maria as her date. Going to a wedding with someone of the same sex is quite liberating. You should try it.

Saturday morning was lost.

Saturday evening I got dressed up as a ballerina (my pointe shoes, from when I was 16, still fit! sort of.) and went to a Halloween party at Jeffery Bean's house. Best part of the night was the full on Bouncing Souls dance party circa 2am.

I love daylight savings.

Sunday was my nephew Chase's christening. First time in a church in almost 3 years. I love that church. So much fun stuff to look at when I should be reciting the Our Father with the rest of the crew. I spent about 2 hours dancing with children. Sunglasses, hoola-hoops, and the macarena.

Last night my Ryan came out for a visit.
I turned off my car to get out and greet him at the train station (it's tradition), and when we got back in...it wouldn't start up.
I got a jump and we were on our way.
Then we played wack-a-mole, and my dad came to make sure everything was ok. He's adorable.
We cooked dinner and napped and poof! the night was over. Just like that.

It always seems to end too soon.

Now I am a bell head and he is a cassette head.