disaster. 2010.

i had a slight disaster at my apartment today with part of the roof caving in in my art room. while i was moving things out of the room, i came across a cd case that once held the counting crows album "august and everything after". tabron burned me a copy and wrote this on the cd insert "3/20/01 *The Cellura Cessions (intentional alliteration) This cd is a manifestation of not only really good music, but an expression of how great i think you are. may the words on this cd find a place in your heart and may the musical notes resonate in your soul. i don't know, i'm not making much sense now and i need to do some more searching, but this album actually helped me. i don't know if you need to search for yourself like i do, but if you ever do make sure you find her - because yours is especially precious. - c-money."

9 years flies by.
this was something that i needed to find at this exact moment.

he and i haven't been the best at maintaining our friendship over the years (he's never met one of my boyfriends, nor i one of his girlfriends...and we seem to only reconnect after one of us experiences a break-up, go figure), but i suspect that that's going to change. because i want it to. and because we have this undeniable connection that surpasses most of my other friendly relationships. we are eerily similar, yet both complete independents. which is why i think that we mesh so well.

so. all of my artwork that i've done since high school (and is not hanging on the walls) was in a few portfolios that were up against the wall directly under the worst of the leaks. everything is ruined, along with skeins upon skeins of yarn. i had a mini-meltdown at first, but i have since composed myself to the point where i am inappropriately laughing at the situation. c'est la vie.

the strangest part is that just yesterday i began attacking the places in my apartment where i like to allow junk to pile up (ie: under the bathroom sink, kitchen junk draw, the hooks on the back of my bedroom door, baskets of junk, corners of junk, cabinets of junk.) and i was planning on getting to my art room tonight. instead, i came home on my lunchbreak to find water pouring out of 5 spots in the ceiling with pockets of water drooping down. meh. like i said. c'est la vie.

things can only get better from here. right?

say yes.