i'm drunk again.
this time.
not willingly.

well, i suppose i did take my dog for a walk to a hole in the wall turkeys nest.

and i do suppose that i ordered one PBR.

but i did not suspect that guy with the weird name and weird belt buckle would buy me another.

i also didn't expect him to leave and return with an order of perogi for me, after i mentioned to him that that was what he should have for dinner.

how sweet of him to have the bacon put on the side.
he said, "i suspected you were a vegetarian".


he sat to my left.
sat to my right.

and bought my next beer.

jason and dylan bonded madly.

he lives on the UWS. works in the music industry. plays guitar in a band. he had rehearsal tonight in willyb.

his eyes were captivating.
his hair, curly.

he knew about art therapy, and asked me questions.

it made me feel so proud.

he watched dylan while i went to the bathroom.
and the other guy left.

walk through mccarren.

surprise drunkard.