yesterday, rick turned 30.
and i sweated out the past weeks worth of alcohol.

orlando slapped a white patch on the inside of my cabinet.
stating, "birth control for roaches".
he said he'd have a mojito for me.
somewhere in mexico.
i hate goddamn mojitos.

i saw a mobile knife sharpening service.
just before i heard bushwick blues.
on washington.
then randomly sang beast of burden.

escaping reality while watching joanna attempt to make gnocchi from scratch.
in the heat of a 3rd floor prospect heights walk up.
college jeopardy is difficult.
dylan and i both left with asparagus pee.

matt invited me to a nike party on the LES.
jason invited me to public assembly.
caroline was at papacitos happy hour waiting for her laundry to dry.
erik with a k was sitting in traffic, his lady friend wants to go peach picking.
mom was worried.

it was the last day of my internship.
i could feel everything that made me happy slip away this week.

wedding tomorrow.

one more month.