in the past 5 days i:

ate cheese doodles.
with steph.
on union.
got high.
sat in the yard at maracuja.
worked my second job.
more than my first.
said goodbye.
to the man.
i was sure would father my children.
picnicked in prospect park.
to celebrate joanna's birthday.
played frisbee.
got dirty.
had a sing-a-long.
to weezer.
and bruce.
in an apt. in crown heights.
before climbing the fire escape.
bbq'd on long island.
with my family.
played volleyball.
in boots.
slept on the hammock.
with happy children.
got drunk and sweaty at the vans party at kcdc.
before matt stole me a bike.
we danced at savalas.
and crashed karaoke at good & co.
celebrated dylan's 4th birthday.
at the tompkins square park dog run.
before winning a game of horse.
with no net.
ate italian brunch in the east village.
before attending a rooftop party in willyb.
ate 1/2 off mac & cheese at epsteins.
drove over the williamsburg bridge 4 times.
one day.
in two separate cars.
neither mine.
got hired to paint a mural.
met clayton patterson outside of max fish.
he took our photo.
met sarah and sarah.
at the bushwick country club.
with tall boy pbr's.
spent 3 hours in traffic court.
aka, the pits of hell.
did the dishes.
dressed up like a lumberjack.
made promises i'll keep.
wished for more wishes.
wished for more wishes.