a guy that can smoke a bowl, then dance his face off.
a guy that takes one look at me in overalls and tells me that he's "making me his girlfriend".
a guy that drinks beer and eats nachos and writes bizarro fiction about salad bars.
a guy that lets me come over to watch HBO, makes me PB & J, and gives me a yoga mat.
a guy that makes his birthday as special for me, as it is for him.
a guy that is an 8 months sober, vegan hipster that built a ramp in his backyard.
a guy that lives in milwaukee.
a guy that smiles at me as he walks by with his weimaraner.
a guy that is taking me buddhist chanting on monday night.

a gal that split the $20 with me that i found on the floor at the bar at the bowery.
a gal that is employed as a case worker doing house calls in scary projects stairwells.
a gal that watches her boyfriend perform on stage and dances her love towards him.
a gal that lives in my old bedroom on top of the spa in bay shore.
a gal that smokes a cigarette outside of the music hall, pretending to be a publicist.
a gal that hit her head 4 times in the same day.
a gal that moved to israel, who i miss dearly.
a gal that has sexy legs, according to erik with a k.
a gal that is lost. then found. then lost. then found. then. just exists.

this week's cast of characters.