i'd imagine the umbrella industry to be sustainable. people buy umbrellas. often.

umbrellas are not built to last.
with rain, often comes wind, and they tend to flip inside out or blow away and get run over by cars and buses and skateboards and horses.

owners of umbrellas are also bound to put down their wet umbrella and forget it in music venues and restaurants and barber shops and at their therapist's office. (but how many crazy people to you know that actually own an umbrella? i mean, really? think about it.)

i'm going to invent an indestructible umbrella.

but then my business would go under once every person in the world bought one.


perhaps i'll make the umbrella disintegrate after 2 years. 2 years seems like a fantastic life expectancy of an indestructible umbrella. the people would really go for this idea. i bet you the average person purchases at least 2 umbrellas a year.

i say this because i have purchased 3 umbrellas this year.
and i've also "borrowed" one and forgot to give it back.

i bet there are a lot of unknowing umbrella thieves out there.

i can't be the only one.