forget it

a very wise man once told me i was building myself up to be let down. although he shall remain nameless, he's very trustworthy and i take heed to his advice whenever he throws some at me. so why this time sooz? why did you disregard it this time? Saturday boy knows you better than you know yourself sometimes. or a good amount of the time. i guess i get caught up in the illusion of purity that is usually slapping me across the face at the same time i'm embracing it. him. whomever.
and so it goes. and now goes it. it was nice. it was good. it was nice and good and all of the other disgusting words people use because they are too caught up in something they think is IT, when they should really be spending some quality time on their vocabulary.
now that i have time for vocabulary, i need to learn some good words...yep, some good, nice words. see, as much as i try i can't escape them. i guess there's still something running around in my head that is keeping me attached to those 4 letter words. i could think of some better 4 letter words at this time, but i'll spare everyone (myself) of the lewdness.
oh me.
just another day in not-so-paradise-like life.
i need a pet.