the end of days

life ain't easy for a boy named sue.

i'm glad that i got my old computer up and running again. I have the clunkiest keyboard. so loud, tap, tap, tap-tap. so much is going on, i don't feel like recording all of it though.

i've been in contact with Johnny K. it's been years, literally. he's well, and i'm happy for him. he's always going to be him...and i'm glad that'll never change. we've written some lengthy emails, and caught up a little bit. he helped me out today with the computer that he built me. i really needed the help, and i'm so lucky that he was glad to offer, and then some. i'm happy he doesn't hate me.

i've also been in contact with soup's on john. he asked me to be his valentine, which is funny, because we were always each others valentine, regardless of who we were dating. he got me the cutest "book worm" pen last year. it lit up all pink and red. how adorable. he wants me to join a poker game tonight, we'll see. he'll never let me spend a dime, so maybe i should just go and lose all of his money. at least i'd be in good company.

i spent last night at the apartment. seeing david like that tears me to shreds. needless to say i was home and in bed by 11. if it were only a little easier...

i'm not a heartbreaker.

i accidentally break hearts.