word a day

today's word is shhh...

not a word you say? more of a sound? yes, as a matter of fact it is more of a sound. perhaps it should have been the word of the day yesterday for "sound effects tuesday." but i think it fits better with today...a little too much conversation, and no action. ouch.
today i was thinking about how strange it is that i live in the same house with my sister, and we wake up at the same time every morning, yet we never, ever, cross paths. now the house is not very big, and i always hear her doing her thing, but, since living here, i haven't ran into her once in the morning. odd. she finds it equally as odd, as we had a brief emailing about it earlier.
i worked hard today. as opposed to the days when i hardly work...today was a productive one. now it could be in part due to my boss being in. or it could be because there were constant meetings going on in the office and i felt like i needed to project a "busy" image. but i got a hell of a lot done. now what the hell am i gonna do tomorrow?
Steven Colbert is quickly becoming my favorite TV personality. Jon Stewart will always be my husband, but that Colbert, he's a comic hunk.

Rick just found me on line. Rickterfuge, which is weird, because I just wore my subterfuge sweatshirt on Valentine's Day for the first time in years. I think Rick was the last guy to make me a mixed cd...until just recently. Good times. He's the greatest drummer ever. so quick. good friend, good times, lots of whiffle ball, lots of sugar. fun fun.
meanwhile, back at the ranch. i've been feeling very lethargic lately. I'm gonna go rest up. I have an 8 hour trip to pittsburgh to make in a couple days...gotta be ready.