i've fallen in love with joanna newsom. it's more of an obsession. man-o-man can she rock out on the harp like no other. her voice is piercing, yet oh-so-scrumptious and titillating. her words are witty and golden and silly and raw and unaltered and alive and solid. i'm so, so glad that dearest jeffrey opened my eyes to this surprising, refreshing, not-anything-in-the-world-like-it, music. fantastic.
in other news...the rent is due. yep, that time of the month. I'm thinking February will be a good one. I don't want to get too excited about it though, and then have high expectations which could just spell disaster. but it will be good, i declare, i'll make it good. hell, look at all we have to look forward to in this glorious month...more snow, lame greeting card holidays, homage day to past presidents (never the current)...CARNIVAL!, and MARDI GRAS! (if only i were going), and you know, all the small stuff involved in the daily grind. perhaps i think this month with be good because it's short. short but sweet. yep.
in more interesting news, i have re-kindled some very well missed relationships with old friends. i shall be visiting with tabron this weekend at his Brooklyn abode. he promised to take me out for some hot chocolate, or tea, or something, that he said would make me want to melt. i can't believe it's been over 2 years. it should be awkward, yet great...we've always coexisted so well. i can't wait to hear his new music and read his genius rants and rhymes. he may be the most genuine guy i know. needless to say, i'm happy we can get together. it'll be good company for the both of us, i think. maybe we'll catch a movie, like old times. we'll see.
I really enjoy wearing button down shirts. they make me feel sexy, but i'm sure they only make me look boyish. oh well, they feel good on my skin, and they go nicely with a comfy cardigan. i have what my father calls my "grandma sweater" on today. it's so so so nice. nice is an appropriate word for it, absolutely.
i've hardly made a dent in my dunkin' donuts coffee. i should have never went for the cream, bad choice...i don't know what made me do it, i've been on a strict black diet for so long. i was in a sexy mood this morning, perhaps it added some sex appeal to my coffee...mmmmm.
ahhh, work schmerk. i like being here alone. i like i more when i get fun phone calls from good people...so call me.