But, how?

We've got some serious connection, Chris and I.

This morning, on my drive to work, I was thinking about my friend Chris and how I haven't seen him in way too long. I was trying to think of the ultimate surprise I could get/do for him (seeing as I'm a terrible friend and missed his birthday, well, only by an hour or so, and I was in Colorado where it was technically still his birthday...good excuse Suzanne...). I have a few things in mind, so I spent the car ride trying to perfect those thoughts in my head. Anywho. I get to work, sit at my desk, open up my gmail...and there, the first email on my list is from Chris. We hardly ever email. Ever! Very strange. Stuff like this is always happening with us. I bet you if you name a band, and ask us what our favorite song by them is, it would be the same song...without ever discussing it. It's happened that way so many times in the past. I wonder how his Barcelona fund is coming along. I have to have at least $70 bucks in mine, and seeing as that's all change and I started the fund in February, I think I'm doing pretty well. He's definitely beating me though. He always gets those Sacagawea(sp?) dollars from the subway. We're due for a session. I can't wait.