Scheduled outage at 4:00pm pst.

What an odd time to schedule an outage. Why don't they do it in the middle of the night like most sites? Strange.

Jen and I received our Knit Picks yarn to make our Knitting Olympics things. I'm so super excited about it, that I had to hide the yarn so that I don't begin early. Jen said that we're allowed to knit a swatch before the flame is lit, so she took hers to work with her. I think she's learning some of my impatience. Anywho. I got the Knit Picks Shine in Cream for the Knitting Olympics surprise I'm making for my sister, and in Apricot for the Picovoli I'm going to make myself, hopefully, before summer.

Now, if I could only find the other glove to finish Anthony's Broadstreet Mittens already. I will be so happy when I finish these suckers, and I vow never, ever, ever, ever, ever, to make them again. What a headache.

On the home front. I'm broke, and by the end of the week I have to buy my maid of honor dress for my sisters wedding. Booooooo. I've been super stressed, but last night I took a half hour, took a bath, listened to my iPod, drank a glass of red wine, and relaxed. It was definitely needed.

Oh!! I'm also planning a surprise date for Anthony and I this Saturday. I'm super excited, because it looks like we can do about 4 things that doesn't require spending any money. I'm super savvy. I really have to stop saying "super" so much. I'll tell you how it goes after the date. I don't want to give it away in case he reads this.

I'm thinking that potato chips and dip is not the best choice for a dinner entree. I definitely should have eaten at least a can of corn or something last night. My belly is quite angry with me today.

The left over chips were from our crazy Housewarming Party this weekend. Check out the very few pics I took. I couldn't even tell you what I did most of that night. I just remember drinking a 007 out of a 24oz mug, then playing beer pong, followed by flip cup. Lots of drinking. I also remember losing at darts, continuously cleaning the floor under the leaking keg bucket, changing into jeans, cleaning beer off the walls, showing off my backgammon board, telling everyone that my dad made our bookshelves, dancing at 4am, and checking in on Jen every 10 seconds after that until I went to bed at 6am. Good times. If I were you, I wouldn't miss our next party. Stay tuned for details.