It's time for a meme.

Four jobs I've had

.1. Giftwrapperr - my first job when I was 13.
.2. Cheer Leading instructor for a summer camp.
.3. Waitress - a bunch of different times at different places
.4. Soup girl. - That's what they called me on campus when I worked at Soup's On for 3 years, as in, "Hey, you're the soup girl, aren't you?"

Four movies I can watch over and over

.1. Benny and Joon.
.2. Tommy Boy.
.3. Love Actually.
.4. Harold and Maude.

Four places I have lived

.1. Oswego, NY
.2. Stony Brook, NY
.3. Burlington, WA
.4. Pullman, WA (Go Cougs!!)

Four TV shows I love

.1. House.
.2. Jeopardy.
.3. Um, I don't really even like TV.

Four places I've vacationed

.1. Bahamas.
.2. Up and down the West Coast.
.3. Manitou Springs, and all over Southern Colorado.
.4. Did I tell you about the time I took the Greyhound all the way from Seattle to New York in the dead of winter, and got us kicked off the bus in Chicago where we sat, in freezing cold temperatures, for an extra 8 hours playing spades with bums? It's a good story...

Four of my favorite dishes

.1. Ravioli Marinara
.2. Glazed Salmon
.3Caesarar Salad
.4. Tofu Stir Fry

Four sites I visit daily

.1. Flickr.
.2. Myspace.
.3. Common Errors (Really, I'm always checking...)
.4. KEXP.org

Four places I would rather be right now

.1. Cuddling with Anthony.
.2. In a moonbounce.
.3. The Red Woods National Park.
.4. Montauk.

People I am tagging

.1. Jen. - Stop working for 10 minutes. Please?
.2. Anyone else that reads this. Go!!